Episode 2953

Australian Air Date: 15th November 2000

Dani worries that she has to compete with Gypsy. Vinnie is threatened by Leah’s ex-fianc̩é. Will helps Gypsy overcome the pain of her break-up.

Return episode, last seen in #2796. Visited the Bay in an attempt to woo back Leah.

Extended Summary

Dani and Brodie spoke about whether their boyfriends had asked them if they wanted to do ‘it’. Brodie was surprised when Dani said that she had never done it.

Rhys is taking Kirsty to his old physic guy at the Sydney Swans. He told Duncan and Nick that they could go too, but it took some convincing.

A policeman pulled up Vinnie and it happened to be Leah’s ex-fiancé Ted! Later, when Ted chased her down, and Vinnie was alone with him he accused him of asking for the temporary transfer to Summer Bay because it was a huge coincidence that he would be posted to a town where his ex-fiancé lives.

Will went to talk to Gypsy and she said, “you can help by getting out of my face”. Later on, he saw her again and told her that he knew how she was feeling because that is the way he felt when she left him.

Dani saw Will and Gypsy talking and is suspicious.

Ted went to Vinnie’s to see him and said that if he puts Leah in danger again, he will personally remove his kneecaps!

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