Episode 2954

Australian Air Date: 16th November 2000

Dani leads Will to think she’s more experienced than she really is. Vinnie’s jealousy about Ted makes him look like a fool. Fisher is driven to admit his true feelings for Judith. Jade decides they need an addition to their family.

Sydney Swans player who showed Nick and Duncan around the grounds.
Sydney Swans player who showed Nick and Duncan around the grounds.
Old Sydney Swans coach of Rhys’ who helped an injured Kirsty.

Extended Summary

Rhys is furious at finding Will naked in the pantry, he asks for an explanation, but doesn’t believe what he says, he thinks that him. Meanwhile, the girls try to shove Noah out of the window before Rhys catches him to, but he is heard also. They try to explain again, and Rhys finally believes them that they have just been playing the dice game, because Shelley points out Dani was being silent all night due to it. Rhys tells the boys off again and sends them home. The gang carry on the next day with playing the dice game, this time its Brody’s turn to roll the dice, her forfeit is to stand on a table motionless for 10 minutes. They go to the diner to do this, just as she does it, Irene and Rhys walk in, and Colleen spots Brody on the table and runs at her with a tablecloth shouting shoo-shoo and hits her with it until she gets down. Back at the Sutherlands house, the grownups all have a go at the teens for still playing the dice game even after Rhys told them not to last night and they said they wouldn’t

Don gets up in the night and finds Sandy up with Bella, he talks to her about future living arrangements and Sandy tells him that Sam has already asked her and Bella to move in with him. Don says it isn’t fair on Sam and he will end up resenting her for stopping his freedom and wasting his youth. In the morning, Sandy and Bella are gone and just left a note for Sam, he shouts at Don for saying things to Sandy which made her leave. Sam says it’s over between him and Don. Sam goes looking for Sandy, Don does the same and he finds her at the drop in centre, he tells her that he now realises that it was all none of his business and pleads with her to talk to Sam. Sandy goes to see Sam, and tells him not to be mad at Don because it wasn’t his fault, she was having doubts anyway. She said she didn’t want Sam to end up hating her for taking away all the fun from his life, but she wanted to see him so bad when he came looking for her earlier because she would remember what she felt when he kissed her the other day, then they kiss again. Don comes home and Sam tells him that him and Sandy are leaving, Don accepts it without a fight and gives them some money, Sam tells him he didn’t mean what he meant earlier about him and Don being finished.

A man who lives on Irene’s street who is going to sell his house to the property developer, approaches Irene and tells her that he has received the contract to sell his house, but it says the deal is off if not everyone on the street sells their house, so he puts pressure on her to reconsider her stubbornness and accept the money and sell.

Gypsy comes round to the Sutherlands house to see Shelley but shes busy, so she briefly talks outside with Rhys and asks him what Shelley was like when he first met her. Colleen sees them talking and thinks Gypsy is flirting with Rhys. She goes and tells Shelley, but Shelley doesn’t believe Colleen.

Leah worries that Vinnie has gone off her because he hasn’t proposed to her again, since she got the all clear about the needle stick, when he said he would. Ted packs up his belongings from Colleens because he got a call from head office, he has to go back and work in the city. The reason Vinnie hasn’t proposed to Leah yet is because he thinks she might not want to marry him if she knew he might not be able to have kids, but he knows he must tell her. Ted goes to see Leah for the last time before he leaves, he finds her upset, she asks him whats wrong with her for Vinnie not to propose to her. He tells her there is absolutely nothing wrong with her and hugs her.

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