Episode 2955

Australian Air Date: 17th November 2000

Dani’s lies put her in a difficult position with Will. Shauna is bitter about the changes to her lifestyle. Fisher comes to a realisation about Judith. Is Ted driving a wedge between Leah and Vinnie?

> Jude left school after Year 10.

Extended Summary

Vinnie told Leah about the threat that Ted made to him. She didn’t believe him and told him he was jealous of Ted, but Leah asked Ted and he admitted he had spoken to Vinnie, but not threaten him!
Judith was packing up her office. She went into see Fisher and then kissed him! They had a quick marriage and then Judith asked him if he would be a father again! He said NO and that he didn’t want to go through again what he went through with Byron. He went home and she had left a note for him.

Then Fisher snapped back to real life. Judith walked in but she didn’t kiss him, instead she gave him the password to her computer!

Ted is staying with Colleen and he told her that he doesn’t know what to do about Leah because he is still in love with her – he has always been in love with her.

Will and Dani started to get a little heated in a caravan and then Dani stopped and said, “STOP! I don’t care if you go back to Gypsy!” Will said “WHAT”??


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