Episode 2956

Australian Air Date: 20th November 2000

Colleen conspires to get Leah and Ted together. Sam can’t forgive Fisher for ruining his chances with Sandy. How far will Dani go to hide the truth from Will?

Return episode, last seen in #2944. Returned to the Bay in an attempt to see Sandy.
Return episode, last seen in #2868. Returned to the Bay with a major business proposition for Harry.

> June’s brother is Des. June’s new business venture is a resort being run in the Whitsundays.

Extended Summary

Sam is back and looking for Sandy. He went off at Fisher and accused him of not wanting him and Sandy to be together. He tried to pass the message onto Sandy about Sam being back in town soon but couldn’t get hold of her.

Harry’s mum June arrived unexpected for Fisher’s book launch and has announced that she has sold the family pub and bought a resort in the Whitsunday’s – Harry is mortified.

Dani and Will talked over the problem of Dani thinking that Will was going to go back to Gypsy if they didn’t ‘do it’ and then………Brodie had to get them out of the caravan that they were in before Shelley caught them – Dani managed to escape in time! Will was locked in!

Ted told Leah that it would be disastrous if she married someone like Vinnie and Leah said that she wouldn’t. Vinnie told Ted later that he didn’t regret what he said about him and that he wanted to be a cop once too and they told him that he couldn’t because he had a sense of humour! Ted then told Vinnie that Leah said that she wouldn’t marry him and Vinnie believed him! Gypsy told Vinnie to ask Leah for himself but when he invited her out to dinner, she was already invited to dinner with Colleen and Ted!


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