Episode 2957

Australian Air Date: 21st November 2000

Gypsy has a disastrous 18th birthday. Noah gives Hayley the cold shoulder. June forces Fisher to forgive Judith. Will is mortified to discover that Shelley knows he’s slept with Dani.

Final episode. Left the Bay to take up a new principal position overseas.
Old neighbour of Irene’s who informed her of his intentions to sell-up.

Extended Summary

Judith went to say her final goodbye to Fisher and he offered to take her to the airport. Harry’s mum stepped in and reminded Fisher that his car has to go to the garage to be fixed. Later, he went off at her about her interfering and she said that it would be for the best as he was obviously in love with her. Fisher later apologised to her and resisted temptation to see Judith one last time.
Gypsy spent the night of her 18th birthday alone and Shelley found out the next day and put on a surprise party for her.

Dani told Shelley about what her and Will did and then Dani told Will that she had told her mum. Will was too embarrassed to face Shelley but she put his mind a rest by telling him that she was glad that Dani was going out with him and that he was a positive influence on her.

Hayley and Noah are having feisty cuffs and all Noah wants to do is hang out with his mates!

A real estate agent keeps hassling Irene to see her house and her next-door neighbour told her that he was moving because he got a really good offer!