Episode 2958

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 2000

Hayley decides to teach Noah a lesson. The day of Shauna’s operation has arrived. Kirsty becomes obsessed with becoming a sporting success. Irene is being hounded to move out of her home.

First appearance. Director of Surescape Holdings. Made threats against Irene’s refusal to sell-up to make way for a holiday resort.

Extended Summary

Noah thinks that being with Hayley at the moment is like being married to her and her family and friends! His brother told him that there is nothing wrong with being married and Noah said “Tell Shauna that, not me”.

Kirsty went swimming training with her father and Nick was there. They had a race and Nick won by miles. Kirsty despised him but then apologised. Rhys asked Shauna if she would coach Kirsty and Shauna said that she wouldn’t be up to it. She has just had her pacemaker fitted but doesn’t want the whole town to know.

Irene found out that a developer is going to build a resort in her neighbourhood and a representative came to see her to convince her to sell and she said no. He said that he would build around if he had to!

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