Episode 2959

Australian Air Date: 23rd November 2000

Sam is shocked to find Sandy in desperate need of help. Shauna becomes drawn into helping Kirsty. Has Colleen’s interfering succeeded in splitting up Leah and Vinnie for good? Harry is hurt by Shauna’s rejection.

Return episode, last seen in #2950. Was visited by Sam in the city in an attempt to bring her back with him to the Bay.

Extended Summary

Vinnie is still afraid that he will lose Leah to Ted and Ted is even more determined to win Leah back.

Sam begged Jade to tell him where Sandy was staying and she did. Sam went around to see her and she had a black eye and wouldn’t let him in the door. He told Rhys and he figured out that Jade had told him where she was living. Sam went back and Sandy let him in only to tell him that he had to go because ‘he’ was coming back soon. Sam said he couldn’t wait to meet him!

Shauna went to the swimming pool did a bit of coaching on Kirsty. Rhys took notes and Kirsty was grateful. On the way back from the pool, Jude rode past on his bike and Harry was walking near her. She jumped on Jude’s bike to get away from Harry and then a few metres down the road she made Jude stop. He figured out what happened and told her that he didn’t appreciate being used. Harry and Jude started a drag on their bikes but were pursued by Ted (the policeman) so they had to split up to avoid being caught.


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