Episode 2952

Australian Air Date: 14th November 2000

Shauna is depressed about living under the shadow of death. Harry has made enemies all over town. Fisher’s uneasy relationship with Judith is taking its toll.

Return appearance, last seen in #2695 credited as DR. McKENZIE.. Informed Ailsa of the hereditary nature of Shauna’s heart condition.

Extended Summary

Gypsy went to return more of Harry’s things and took his caravan key from the Sutherlands while they were out. While she was in the caravan, she saw the framed picture of Harry and Shauna on his bedside table. She threw a fit and smashed the picture and then smashed his bike headlight! Harry saw her later in the Diner and told her that next time he would call the police!
Jude asked Shauna out before she left the hospital and she said “maybe another day” and then he found out where she lived and went there. Shauna told Sally to say that she was out!

The doctor told Shauna that she wouldn’t be able to do excess exercise including being a lifesaver. Alf told her that she wouldn’t be able to continue because she would be putting her life and the lives of others at risk. Later, he told her that he had spoken to the committee and they agreed to let her stay on as head lifeguard to patrol and co-ordinate other staff but no rescues. Shauna said that she would rather die doing what she loved than not doing it at all!


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