Episode 2951

Australian Air Date: 13th November 2000

Shauna’s diagnosis threatens to change her life. Gypsy can’t forgive Harry. Duncan and Nick are in trouble with the police.

Ninth appearance, last seen in #2945. Informed a devastated Shauna of her near fatal heart condition.
Second appearance, last seen in #2941. Was given flowers by a rejected Harry after overhearing Shauna confide in Ailsa.

Extended Summary

Irene made Duncan and Nick apologise to the Sutherlands for taking the road sign. Rhys then banned them from seeing the girls and they also had to go to the police station. The police let them off with a warning. Later on, the girls decided to punish them in their own way, starting with cleaning the caravans that they were supposed to do!
Shauna is in hospital. The doctor told her that she had a heart condition, which could be treated by medication, but ideally she might need a pacemaker. Shauna is stunned at the fact that she could drop dead at any moment.

Sally told Harry that Shauna was in hospital and he went to see her; he didn’t go in and left.

Harry got the rest of his stuff from Gypsy but when he got it home all of his stuff was ripped or torn!


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