Episode 46

Australian Air Date: 21st March 1988
UK Air Date: 17th April 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Chris Sheil

Tom finds a new venue for the dance, while Sandra revolts against her father.

First appearance. School teacher who helped Steven and Sandra with their work.
Eleventh appearance, last seen in #45. Continued to impress Celia with his ‘feckless charm’.

> Andrew has been in the background the whole time.

Extended Summary

Celia sees a notice in Ailsa’s store about the school dance and notices it has been postponed to the same date as the tennis finals competition.

Bob talks to Tom and Pippa about the threat call he got from the Nutter. He decides not to cancel the school dance anyway. He says that if they give in now to the Nutter, he will never stop.

The Fletchers speculate on who the Nutter might be.

Steven and Sandra show their teacher, Mr Foley, the walkie-talkies they made for the science project. He is impressed with them.

Bob is out fishing on the beach. Celia sees him and talks to him. She invites him to come to cheer Alf and Celia in the tennis finals competition. He says OK and gives her some fish to cook for dinner. She is thankful but reckons they’re disgusting and throws them back in the sea when he is not looking!

Tom says he can have the school dance in the caravan park instead. He says he won’t give in to the Nutter’s wishes.

Barlow acts nicely to Sandra for a change. She goes up to her room and he joins her.

Bobby teases Steven, who then chucks a pillow at her as she leaves the room. Steven talks to Sandra on their walkie-talkies and tells her that his birthday is on Saturday. He asks her if she will be able to come to the school dance. She says she will have to come up with an excuse to her dad otherwise he won’t allow her to go.

Lance hears some strange noises in the night; someone is wandering outside his caravan.

Lynn tries to talk Carly into going to the school dance.

It is decided that the school dance will be held in the caravan park instead.

Bob turns up at the caravan park. He got another message from the Nutter on a cassette tape. He tells Tom and Pippa that it is full of surprises!

Ola Carlsson, 1999