Episode 45

Australian Air Date: 18th March 1988
UK Air Date: 14th April 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Greg Shears

The kids defy the wowsers and proceed with the dance plans.

Tenth appearance, last seen in #44. Oversaw the aftermath of Lance’s van explosion.

Extended Summary

Barnett turns up in the caravan park to check out the explosion of a caravan by the home-brew machine. He is questioning Lance and Martin about it. Barnett also found a list with a lot of names on it and he suspects they were planning to sell booze to a lot of other people at school dance. Martin and Lance deny it.

Fisher wants to stop the school dance but Barnett does not agree with his decision. Frank will be running the school dance with help from Barnett who will supervise that there is no alcohol at it. Fisher says he will be there himself to check things out.

Lance and Martin starts cleaning Lance’s caravan which is in a huge mess! Tom enters the caravan and is shocked to discover the state it is in.

Carly tells Lynn that she won’t go to the school dance mainly because she isn’t ready as it wasn’t long since she got attacked.

Lance tries to play drums with Frank’s band at rehearsal. It sounds like a disaster! Frank and Martin have an argument.

Ailsa and Bobby come up with a plan so that Fisher won’t come to the school dance. Bobby tells Martin and Frank about it but they won’t tell Lance as they suspect he will spread the news.

Bobby gets Walter Bertram on her side on the school dance so he is OK with the school dance.

Martin comes up with an idea to smuggle in some booze just for himself and Lance to the dance. He demonstrates the plan to Lance. He explains he will pretend to fall over and hurt himself and then use a sling to support his arm and by that way hide the booze. Lance doesn’t understand the plan!

Bobby tries to talk Carly into going to the school dance but she won’t because of what happened when she was attacked.

Ailsa wants Celia to phone Barnett to ask him to spend time with Celia on the school dance. After a bit of persuasion, Celia phones Barnett but he isn’t home and there is just an answering machine.

Barnett drives up to call into Tom and tells him that he got a phone call from “the Nutter” who burnt down the town hall earlier. The Nutter said that if the school dance goes ahead, there will be trouble!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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