Episode 44

Australian Air Date: 17th March 1988
UK Air Date: 13th April 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Greg Shears

Celia finds herself the target of Summer Bay gossip. Meanwhile, the lid blows on Lance and Martin’s home brew operation.

Ninth appearance, last seen in #43. Busted a drunk and disorderly Celia riding her bike.
First appearance. District Inspector of Summer Bay High. Loved Bobby’s artwork much to Donald’s disapproval.

Extended Summary

Lance has made a poster for Frank’s band to promote the gig they will have at a school dance which will be held soon. Frank doesn’t like the poster.

Frank teases Steven because he is covering a pimple on his cheek.

Celia get shocked when she found out from Ailsa that Barnett gave her a lift home when she was passed out.

Celia is angry when Alf jokes about her behaviour last night!

Bobby makes another poster for Frank’s band with help from Carly. A man who Fisher guides around school thinks the poster is good. Fisher has to agree with him even though he really doesn’t like it because it is too much “Rock n’ Roll” for his taste!

Steven covers his pimple when he notices Sandra entering the classroom! They both continue to work on their science project. Steven wants to ask Sandra out to the school dance but he doesn’t have the guts.

Bob Barnett stops Celia while she is cycling. He asks her as a joke if she could blow into his alcohol tester. She gets embarrassed and rides away on her bicycle! Bob says it was just a joke.

Fisher wants to call off the school dance as it will be held by Lance and Martin with assistance from Frank; he is convinced there will be alcohol involved. Fisher speaks to Barnett about it. Barnett says he will make sure by himself that there is no booze at the school dance.

Frank asks Alf to work as a bouncer at the school dance. Alf says no at first but changes his mind; he is now OK with it.

Lance continues to make more home-made booze. Celia gives him a lot of empty glass bottles to help him. But she doesn’t know he is making booze, she thinks he is making some sort of tomato juice!

Bob apologises to Celia for the joke about the alcohol tester.

Sandra and Steven test their science project. Their science project involved making two walkie-talkies. They work successfully.

Lance’s home-brew machine blows up in his caravan in the caravan park while Fisher is talking near his caravan about the fact that there will be no alcohol at the school dance! (Very funny scene!)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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