Episode 43

Australian Air Date: 16th March 1988
UK Air Date: 12th April 1989
Writer: Jennifer Mellet
Director: Greg Shears

Pippa receives a sinister visitor, while Celia lets her hair down in the line of duty.

Eighth appearance, last seen in #40. Was the subject of Alf and Ailsa’s matchmaking with Celia.

Extended Summary

Barlow acts very strange and scares Pippa as he walks around in Fletchers kitchen and living room.

He shows a mathematical slide-roll he found in his garden. He says it must be Steven’s. Pippa says Steven only uses the calculator. Barlow wants a cup of tea. He deliberately drops a coffee mug with the letters Tom on it.

Pippa feels very uncomfortable. Sally then comes home to get a book and Barlow offers a ride back to the school but Pippa says no.

Frank is trying to work out what to say to Alf since he wants Roo to move home to Summer Bay again. Frank practises what to say and speaks out loud to a paper cut-out figure. Alf walks in and it turns out Alf also wants Roo to move back to Summer Bay now even though Frank didn’t say anything about it. Alf says he heard that Roo is staying out late at nights and causing trouble in the boarding school.

Pippa talks to Ailsa about Barlow walking around in her home like that and she got very frightened.

Alf and Ailsa are organising a dinner for them and Celia and Bob Barnett. They want Celia to find a boyfriend so they think Barnett could be the man for her!

Carly notices Tom’s coffee mug is gone and asks Pippa where it is. Pippa tells her to use another one for Tom. Carly insists and Pippa get angry and she tells Carly that she accidentally broke it and Pippa say she is fed up with all the problems. Pippa is very stressed out.

Tom talks to Pippa in their bedroom and he notices something is wrong. Pippa explains that Barlow was here earlier and acted very strange and scary. Tom gets angry and say he will talk to Barlow about it. Pippa tries to convince Tom not to speak to him in case it gets worse.

Celia drinks a lot of wine during the dinner at Alf’s place with Alf, Ailsa and Barnett; she gets very drunk and talks an awful lot! (Funny scene)

Barlow comes into Alf’s store when Steven is there. Sam acts very strange towards Steven and doesn’t say a word. It seems as if Barlow has lost his mind.

Celia is very drunk and starts talking about operas and starts mumbling and talking to herself! Alf tries to convince Barnett that she isn’t normally like this! Celia falls asleep while standing up and Barnett gives her a lift home.

Ola Carlsson, 1999