Episode 42

Australian Air Date: 15th March 1988
UK Air Date: 11th April 1989
Writer: Jennifer Mellet
Director: Greg Shears

Barlow’s vendetta against the Fletcher’s escalates, while Lance and Martin reveal their latest money-making scheme.

> Narelle is first mentioned.

Extended Summary

Neville tries to explain to Ben at the beach that they can’t foster him.

Barlow comes into Alf’s store to buy a six-pack of beer and starts accusing Alf for having something to do with the fact that most of Summer Bay hate Barlow. Sam warns Alf not to talk behind his back. Alf gets angry and refuses to sell him beer.

Barlow comes to Tom and says he thinks it must have been Steven who told Barnett of the things that Barlow got suspected for. Sam reckons it was Tom who put Steven up to it and he warns Tom to stay away from him or there will be trouble!

Martin comes up with some new ideas and plans for Frank’s band with Pippa on vocals. They reckon because of the band, they will end up with a least a dozen blond babes each! Pippa says no to be the vocalist of the band since she doesn’t really have time. They come up with an idea to let Lance’s cousin Narelle audition for the place as vocalist in their band.

Frank is determined to try to get Roo to come home to Summer Bay again.

Lance and Martin laugh at Barlow when he is working on his job as garbage collector.

Barlow comes home to Pippa when she is alone in house and he just walks right in!

Ola Carlsson, 1999