Episode 41

Australian Air Date: 14th March 1988
UK Air Date: 10th April 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Greg Shears

Sandra desperately tries to conceal the evidence of her latest thrashing.

Extended Summary

Steven talks to Tom at beach. Steven thinks it was a stupid thing to tell Barnett about suspecting Barlow. He reckons Barlow will get angry and take it out on Sandra and her mum.

Neville show Ben how Neville’s metal detector works.

Her father seriously beat up Sandra. When she’s swimming she don’t want Steven to come near her since she don’t want Steven to notice that she got beaten up. Sandra has a big bruise on her back. He thinks she is just avoiding him because of lost of interest in him or something.

Sally draw a picture of what she think is a cold-drink machine (Lance’s home-brew machine!)

Neville and Ben are out on beach and uses Neville’s metal detector.

Sally and Ben talk and play in a caravan. He helps Sally to fix a broken toy. And they have a bit more serious talk about fostering and how Sally got fostered etc.

Ben doesn’t want to go back to his mum and dad.

Steven and Sandra argue but become friends again after a while. She explain that Barlow have beaten her up again.

Neville and Floss is playing around and have a little water fight!

Sandra and Steven almost kiss but the school bell rings just then. Steven also said he really likes her.

Ben tells Floss and Neville that he wants to move away from home and he wants them to foster him instead! Neville and Floss are shocked.

Ola Carlsson, 1999