Episode 40

Australian Air Date: 11th March 1988
UK Air Date: 7th April 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

There is a surprise twist in the search for the Summer Bay nut. Meanwhile, Lance and Martin try to sober up Fisher’s drunken cat.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #38. Was amused at Donald’s name for his cat ‘Papageino’.

>Final post-credit segment at episode’s end.

Extended Summary

Lance and Martin make more homemade booze. Bobby walks into their van with a cat she found strolling around the caravan park. She suspects it is a stray cat. Lance and Martin let the cat stay in their caravan overnight. (Actually it is Fisher’s cat!)

Steven explains to Lynn about the photo of Barlow and wants her to show it to Nico to see if he recognise Barlow as the man who destroyed his bike etc.

Fisher’s cat is missing and he offers anyone who finds it a 50-dollar reward.

Martin and Lance drank an awful lot of booze last night and Bobby finds them sleeping in their caravan with a major hangover! Their caravan is in a bit of a mess. Fisher’s cat has also been drinking some of the booze and it is a bit out of balance! Bobby wakes them up and tell them they’re in trouble since she found out it is Fisher’s cat!

Sandra asks her mother if it could be possible that Barlow had poisoned Nico’s cow etc. Sandra’s mum get very angry and Barlow ask them what they’re talking about they acts innocent and say it is just girls’ talk.

Nico is getting a bit better from his trauma and he can recognise Lynn and they talk a bit. Lynn shows him the photo and he recognises Sam Barlow.

Fisher put up a message in Ailsa’s store about the reward for his missing cat.

Martin, Lance and Bobby try to get the cat to sober up since it is a bit drunk!

Steven speaks to Sgt Barnett and explain that Nico recognise Sam Barlow in the photo as the one who wrecked his bike. Steven is convinced it must be Barlow who killed Nico’s cow etc. Barnett is a bit angry with Steven for not talking to him first before he took photo etc.

Barnett visits Barlow and ask him questions where he was at the time when Nico’s cow got killed etc. Barlow has a waterproof alibi for all the things. He admits he was near Nico’s bike when Nico found it wrecked but Barlow insists he didn’t wreck it. Barlow says it already was destroyed when he found it.

Sam is curious to find out who accused Barlow of those things. Barnett can’t say anything as to who gave him the information.

Bobby collects a 50-dollar reward from Fisher when she gives his cat to him.

Barlow is very angry with Sandra and her mum. He say he heard them talking about the same things 2 hours ago as Barnett asked him about. He tries to get Sandra to tell who took the photo of him and who told Barnett. He is furious.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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