Episode 39

Australian Air Date: 10th March 1988
UK Air Date: 6th April 1989
Writer: Tony Sheldon
Director: Mark Piper

Steven turns sleuth in his efforts to nail Barlow. Meanwhile, Ben exposes Neville and Floss as frauds.

Extended Summary

Floss tries to deny that it is Ben’s father in their photo album. She says it is Neville’s cousin. Ben doesn’t believe them.

Floss explains to Ben that she and Neville is his grand parents. Ben says that Scott had told him that they were dead! Floss and Neville is hurt.

Ben hides in an empty caravan and after awhile Floss finds him and talks to him about it. After a while she makes Ben understand that Floss and Neville are his grand parents.

Sandra tells Steven that her father has started to drink a lot and that he has hit her mother. She asks Steven if Tom could take another job instead of boss of the roadworkers just because her father is angry because of losing his job as boss.

Ailsa tell Alf about Sandra’s problems at home.

Tom decides to take the job as boss of roadworkers.

Ben wants to stay for a while in Summer Bay with Floss and Neville even though Floss didn’t think that he would since they lied to him about not being his grand parents.

Steven wonders if Barlow is the one who killed Lynn’s dog Eric and killed Nico’s cow Jesse. Steven goes home to Sandra and ask for a photo of her father. Steven want to show Nico a photo of him to see if he recognise him as the one who destroyed his bike.

Sandra gets angry at Steven for suspecting her father could be responsible for those things.

Steven packs his camera in a bag to take a secret photo of Barlow.

Floss, Neville and Ben go on a picnic together.

Steven has taken a photo of Barlow and he shows it to Frank and explain that he will show it to Nico.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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