Episode 38

Australian Air Date: 9th March 1988
UK Air Date: 5th April 1989
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Mark Piper

The spectre of domestic violence returns to haunt Ailsa as Sandra pleads for help. Meanwhile, Celia tries to kick the gossip habit.

First episode. Sam’s abused wife. Sandra’s mother. Tried to protect her daughter from her Sam’s violent rage.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #28. Congratulated Tom on his foreman job.

Extended Summary

Sandra tells Ailsa in her store how good Carly’s speech was.

Ailsa gives Celia a package of chewing gum to chew on instead of gossiping. Ailsa says she can chew on a chewing gum each time she is about to start gossiping instead of talking.

Floss comes to Summer Bay again and Ben is with her to visit for the weekend. Ben meets Sally and says hello.

Neville does not t think it is a good idea to have Ben in Summer Bay with Floss. She explains to Neville that it means more that anything in the world to her to have been there. Floss is very happy. Neville meets Ben and says hello to him.

Celia comes over to tell Tom that he got the job as the boss of the roadworkers instead of Barlow which she heard through gossip. When she is about to tell Tom about it she starts chewing on chewing gum instead like Ailsa told her to help her stop gossiping so much! Tom is confused and she explains that she has to stop her habit of spreading gossip around.

The roadworkers’ council phones Tom and tells him he can take over Barlow’s place as boss if he wants to. Tom is surprised.

Barlow is very upset since he now has to work as garbage collector instead of being boss of the roadworkers!

Barlow drinks beer and is very angry and screams at Sandra’s mother and he hits her. Sandra covers her ears and cries in the kitchen.

Sally and Ben get along together well and they play together.

Tom is having doubts if he wants to be the boss of the roadworkers or not.

Sandra stays late in Ailsa’s store until closing time and she explains to Ailsa about her father hitting her mother. Ailsa says she can’t help her. Ailsa wants her to contact the police to sort it out.

Sandra comes home and Barlow sleeps in his armchair in the living room. Sandra is very scared.

Neville snores a lot at night and Ben can’t sleep but after a while, Ben sleeps and snores so Neville can’t sleep instead!

Ben looks at Floss and Neville’s photo album and he asks them why they have photos of his dad when he was young! They’re worried.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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