Episode 47

Australian Air Date: 22nd March 1988
UK Air Date: 18th April 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Chris Sheil

A surprise guest arrives a Steven’s birthday party.

Twelfth appearance, last seen in #46. Played the tape of ‘the Nutter’s’ phone call to Tom and Pippa.

> This episode marks Steven’s first birthday since his parents’ death.

Extended Summary

Barnett plays the tape from the Nutter for Tom and Pippa. It is recorded with a very dark and distorted voice. The Nutter says on the tape that he knows the Fletchers and knows they are good people. The Nutter will let them have the dance at the caravan park, but if it goes out of control he will step in.

Bob says he will continue to investigate the tape and who could have sent it.

Sally gives Steven a present even though his birthday isn’t until tomorrow (Saturday). The present is a mug that Sally has made in school. It has the letters ‘STEV’ on it. She tells Steven she ran out of room on the mug to write his whole name! He is thankful for the present.

Lance is worried about the noises outside his caravan. Steven asks Bobby if she was wandering around the caravan park last night. She says no. Lance thinks it must have been the Nutter.

Bobby studies in her caravan. When Carly knocks on the door, Bobby throws down all her school books on the floor so Carly won’t notice she was studying since Bobby feels a bit embarrassed about it! Carly borrows Bobby’s copy of Macbeth for her homework.

Frank packs a few clothes; he is planning to go to try to find Roo in the city this weekend. Steven talks to him about it and the reasons why he will go to look for her. Frank says it is because he loves her.

Steven gets a present from Sandra. He likes it. She asks him how his parents were when he grew up. He gets a little snappy and explains they are dead and explains that they died in a fire accident. They were burnt inside their house and he still takes it pretty hard.

Pippa talks to Mrs Barlow and asks her to do a favour for Steven’s birthday. She mentions that it is Steven’s first birthday without his parents.

Lance teases Bobby when he finds out that she was studying.

Sandra’s mother will let Sandra go to Steven’s birthday party. She will cover for her so that Sam would not find out about it.

Lance has borrowed Neville’s metal detector and is out using it. Sally comes along and shows him the present she gave Steven. Lance has some luck with the metal detector and finds a necklace!

Pippa, Tom and Carly make Steven’s birthday cake. It is made as a house of chocolate and they put the whole family on it as well; they are made of cake!

Lance gives Steven the necklace as a present for his birthday.

Sally shows Steven a surprise for his birthday. The surprise is that Sandra is there. Steven is very happy!

When Pippa brings the birthday cake with candles lit, Steven freaks out and runs up to his room. The cake made as a house with persons near it and the fire of the candles reminded him of his parents death.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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