Episode 48

Australian Air Date: 23rd March 1988
UK Air Date: 19th April 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Chris Sheil

Ailsa intervenes to save Sandra as Barlow begins to lose control.

Extended Summary

Pippa talks to Steven about what happened. He says she is sorry for not realising it would bring back bad memories due to the cake. He says he wants to be alone and then he does a few karate moves and thinks of his father and cries.

Barlow gets angry with his wife when he finds out she is not telling the truth about where Sandra really is.

Steven calms down and comes downstairs again. He says he is OK now and they will eat the birthday cake.

Sally gives Lance a piece of the birthday cake.

Sandra comes home and finds the kitchen is wrecked. She sees a note on the table. She reads it and runs to Ailsa and says that her mother is in hospital from Barlow hitting her. Ailsa wants to call in the police but Sandra says her parents will just say it was an accident so there is no use in calling the police.

Frank has been in the city to look for Roo and comes home again. He says it was a total waste of time since Roo had gone water-skiing for the weekend so he didn’t see her.

Ailsa goes home with Sandra to Sandra’s house. When Sam and Kelly come home from the hospital, Ailsa covers for Sandra and explains that Sandra was with her and that Ailsa helped her to study Romeo and Juliet.

After a while when Sam is out in the kitchen, Sandra tells her mum that she knows that Sam bashed her up. Sam acts very nice again. Kelly has lots of bruises in her face.

Martin picks up Ailsa’s pile of newspapers at her store for her. Then he asks if he can borrow some money from her. Ailsa says no.

Martin wakes Lance up by pouring some beer on his head! He wants to sell Lance’s television set but Lance says definitely no!

Sally tells Martin and Lance that her grandmother used to have treasures in a box that she had buried in her backyard a long time ago. Martin is interested and asks Sally where her grandmother used to live before she had to move to an oldies home.

Lance and Martin decide to go and look for Sally’s grandmother’s treasure!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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