Episode 49

Australian Air Date: 24th March 1988
UK Air Date: 20th April 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Chris Sheil

Lance and Martin excavate an unsuspecting victim’s yard in search of buried treasure.

Extended Summary

Alf talks to Frank about Roo being away for the weekend when Frank was there looking for her. He says better luck next time!

Lance and Martin sneak into Floss and Neville’s van. They are looking for Neville’s metal detector. They find it and borrow it without asking! They get dressed up in black clothes, and leave in the dark. They are using Neville’s detector to look for the treasure.

Ben is in Summer Bay again with Floss and Neville. He likes it there.

Neville notices his metal detector is gone. He asks Sally if she has borrowed it. She says no. He suspects it could be Martin or Lance.

Martin and Lance are dressed as army soldiers and are looking for the treasure at night! They dig up an awful lot of holes in the garden outside Sally’s grandmother’s old house where someone else lives now!

They find a lot of old stuff such as a fork and a bucket but no treasure so far. (Funny scene!)

After a while they find a box but it only contains a lot of old photos and a few coins and some other stuff. They haven’t found any real treasure and they are disappointed.

The next morning, the person who lives in the house where Lance and Martin searched for the treasure wakes up. He notices his garden is full of holes!

Sally comes to Lance’s caravan and he and Martin are sleeping at the table. She wakes them up and starts yelling at Lance when she notices they have taken Neville’s metal detector!

Martin comes up with an idea to try to put the blame on the Nutter instead (so the Nutter would be blamed for stealing the metal detector).

Neville, Floss and Ben find the metal detector in their van with a note saying “From the Summer Bay Nutter” (with one T) and the note also says he had to borrow it because there was a bomb in the caravan park! Neville understands it is obviously a fake and realises it must have been Lance and Martin.

Neville is angry and comes into Lance’s caravan and yells at them!

They show Neville the box they found in the garden. Neville says that the contents in it would be meaningful for Sally to have from her grandmother. Then they show him the fork they found as well and Neville says it is a real silver antique from the 1800s, maybe. He says it is possible that it is worth a lot of money.

Lance gets depressed since they left a lot of the same kind of items in the garden where they found the box.

Martin and Lance give Sally the box and she is very happy!

Alf turns up at the caravan park and asks Frank why he lied to him. Alf is very angry and he says he knows what really happened between Frank and Roo!

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