Episode 50

Australian Air Date: 25th March 1988
UK Air Date: 21st April 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Chris Sheil

Fisher unwittingly drives a wedge between Ailsa and Alf.

First episode. Lance’s cousin. Roy’s daughter. Stan/Les’ and Colleen’s niece. Local at Yabbie Creek who visited the Bay to help ‘sing’ at the dance.

> Bobby first notices her feelings for Frank.

Extended Summary

Alf yells at Frank. Apparently Frank did see Roo anyway in the city even though he said she was away water-skiing. He had also punched a guy in the city who was hanging around with Roo.

Ben asks Floss and Neville why his dad hates them. They say they think it is because they worked on a circus when he was younger and thereby he was missing out on a lot of stuff that normal kids did. Ben thinks Floss and Neville are great anyway.

Frank tells Bobby what happened while he was in the city looking for Roo. The guy he hit was a rich snob in a red Mercedes and Frank got jealous. And Roo just ignored Frank when he talked to her.

Fisher gets a reply to the letter he sent out a while ago about resigning from the school if he didn’t get promoted to the position of headmaster. He didn’t get promoted and he is depressed and shows it to Ailsa.

Fisher and Ailsa talk about the letter and Alf comes in to talk with Ailsa about what Frank did when he saw Roo. Ailsa says Alf has to wait since she must speak to Fisher. He gets angry and leaves. Celia then notices Alf is angry and he says that Ailsa is busy chatting with Fisher. Celia finds the door being shut against her. She knocks but Ailsa shouts at her. Celia eavedrops in on their conversation and speaks to Ailsa about it when Fisher has left.

Bobby and Frank play cards (Snap) but Frank can’t concentrate at all as he is thinking of Roo all the time.

Lance’s cousin Narelle comes into Ailsa’s store and asks where the caravan park is. She explains to her that she is looking for Frank Morgan.

Narelle meets Frank even though he didn’t expect her until next week to audition for the vocalist of his band. They realise Lance must have mixed the date up.

Narelle changes to her stage clothes and Frank and Bobby watch her performing for her audition. She dances more like a stripper than a vocalist.

Frank tells Narelle it won’t work in the band. He reckons she could work as a dancer in the city instead or something because she was really good at dancing. She understands him and there is no hard feeling.

Just before Narelle changes back to her regular clothes, Bobby drags Frank out of the room so he won’t see her naked!

Narelle tells Bobby how lucky she is. She doesn’t understand what Narelle means. Narelle explains that Frank is very good looking. She gives Bobby and idea to start wearing makeup to impress Frank!

Bobby thinks about what Narelle said and she puts on some lipstick and looks at herself in a mirror and then she sighs. (Emotional music plays)

Neville and Ben play cricket and then suddenly Neville notices that Scott is here. He hurries into the van and tells Floss about it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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