Episode 51

Australian Air Date: 28th March 1988
UK Air Date: 24th April 1989
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: Mandy Smith

Scott turns up to claim his missing son, while Fisher threatens to resign.

First episode. Floss and Neville’s estranged son. Ben’s father. Anna’s husband. Refused to allow his parents to see Ben.

Extended Summary

Neville and Floss tell Ben that his father Scott is in Summer Bay.

Pippa talks to Scott first and then Neville says, “Hello son!” Scott realises it is Floss who called herself Mrs Neville and is babysitting Ben. He asks where Ben is. Scott gets angry when Floss explains to him why she called herself Mrs Neville and pretended to be Ben’s babysitter.

Scott drags Ben out of the van and into his car. Ben doesn’t want to go home but Scott doesn’t care. Scott says bad things to Neville and Floss. Scott drives home with Ben.

Alf comes into Ailsa’s store to talk to her. She is busy talking to another woman. Alf waits and pretends to look around the shelves in the store and accidentally pushes a package of flour and it falls down and there’s flour all over the floor!

Fisher is writing his letter of resignation but has a hard time trying to write it correctly. Celia walks in and Fisher gets stressed out!

Alf apologises to Ailsa for getting angry when she was talking to Fisher earlier. Then they start laughing and while they clean up the flour from the floor, they get it all over themselves. Celia walks in and Alf and Ailsa laugh!

Floss and Neville miss Ben a lot and when they go to bed, Neville says he will sort it out once and for all.

The next morning, Celia comes into Pippa’s kitchen and says she saw Floss and Neville driving away in their car and it seems they have all their belongings with them. Pippa says it is only Neville and Floss’ business what they are up to.

Frank tells Bobby that he will help her with her studying. She is grateful and says she will show Fisher that she can do good and that is partly the reason why she is studying!

Fisher tells Ailsa that he is resigning. Ailsa tries to change his mind.

Scott has a hard time with Ben. Ben doesn’t listen to him and does what he wants to do!

Neville and Floss put up a tent in Scott’s garden! They say they won’t move until Scott agrees to talk about Ben.

Ola Carlsson, 1999