Episode 220

Australian Air Date: 18th November 1988
UK Air Date: 15th December 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Mark Piper

Frank is not impressed when Ailsa males Bobby an offer. Meanwhile, Phil is devastated by some unwelcome news.

First episode. Roo’s Asian boyfriend who she met whilst in the city hospital. Visited the Bay briefly.

Extended Summary

Alf is waiting up for Roo after the school dance; he checks through the window.

The next morning, Bobby and Carly burn their schoolbooks. Fisher sees it as well as Neville and Floss. Neville extinguishes the fire.

Phil gets results of how serious his hand injury is and it can only be recovered to 95 percent and it needs 100 percent to be a surgeon so he is a bit depressed.

David phones to talk to Roo. She’s in bed. Alf talks to him and sounds excited. He thinks David seems like a nice bloke.

Ailsa offers Bobby a business proposition about starting The Diner. Ailsa suggests that Bobby be a partner with her with Ailsa providing the cash for it to get it up and running. Bobby thinks it is a great idea and says yes.

Alf wants Roo to ask David to come to Summer Bay over Christmas.

When David arrives at Alf’s house, Alf is shocked when he discovers he is Chinese.

Bobby, Carly and Phil have problems deciding what each of them will be doing in the future. Carly is having doubts about moving to the city. Bobby has doubts as to whether she should go to university or not. Phil also has some problems deciding whether Stacey and his relationship will be alive if he moves back to the city.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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