Episode 3054

Australian Air Date: 24th May 2001

Colleen develops a crush on Alf after he saves her life. Jill agrees to seek help and Jade breaks up with Duncan.

First appearance. Parishioner at Summer Bay’s chapel. Asked for Noah and Jude’s help in treating Jill.
Schoolboy who poured milk over David as payback for the loss of his grandmother’s house in the mudslide.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Noah and Jude learnt an important lesson: don’t take people at face value. Irene told Noah that Hayley intends to see more of Jill. He was concerned Jill’s ‘brainwashed’ Hayley with her beliefs. He was so worried he got Jude and the two of them went to get Hayley away from her. The church minister was present and talking to Hayley. Noah had a go at the minister but Hayley persuaded Noah to listen as the minister had some information about Jill. Apparently Jill needs psychological help. At first Noah was reluctant to believe the minister, but Jude and Hayley convinced him to confront her.
Jude went with Noah to see Jill. At first she was horrified at the thought of getting help, but the boys made a deal – they’ll forgive her and try to help her out. They’re still not close and they never will be, but it’s a beginning.

Guess who’s got a crush on Alf? Colleen. Even though they’ve been at each other’s throats for the past few days, Colleen’s thankful Alf ‘saved her life’. Leah was making them feel guilty about their deception. Colleen was so worried about Leah’s health, she had a go at Alf about his behaviour. While yelling at him, Colleen started choking. Alf did the Heimlich manoeuvre and remedied the situation. Vinnie saw everything and realised Colleen fell for Alf at that second. How romantically funny.

Jade’s apparently broken up with Duncan because of David. He didn’t believe they’re only friends. Duncan spread rumours about David’s family causing the mudslide and Jade didn’t appreciate it. When she confronted him he said he didn’t want her hanging around David. She got infuriated and told him it was over.

Erin Flannery

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