The frantic search for Shauna continues. Gypsy is struck down by violent morning sickness. Colleen stands up to Alf.


Shauna makes a daring attempt to escape. Kirsty enjoys success in the triathlon but at a price. Dani is jealous when Will announces he will be spending more time with Sally.


Hayley tells Noah that she wants out of their relationship. Dani and Will reconcile. Alf and Leah reach an agreement.


Noah’s problems with alcohol intensify. Gypsy fears she will lose her baby. Kirsty is offered an amazing opportunity. Nick has a heart-to-heart with Irene.


Kirsty drops a bombshell on her family. Noah tries to face up to the past. Will sees his child for the first time.


Kirsty rethinks her big decision to go to the Institute of Sport. Dani is attracted to a dangerous guy. Brodie’s confidence builds as she takes on her role in SRC with vigour.


Brodie is mortified when Alex rejects her. Kirsty gives up triathlons. Kane crosses the line with Dani.

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Noah’s past catches up with him. Tom visits Gypsy and immediately guesses her secret. Alex explains his reluctance is due to inexperience, not lack of desire. Dani tries to alleviate her guilt over Kane by sleeping with Will.

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Hayley is drawn to Jill, causing Noah to feel betrayed. Gypsy decides to leave the Bay, only to have her plans thwarted. Leah is rushed to hospital.

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Leah’s health scare transforms Vinnie into a neurotic husband. Jill continues to manipulate Hayley with her religious fanaticism. Tom and Sally bicker about their chosen lifestyles.

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Tom and Sally’s relationship takes an unexpected turn. Kane continues to vie for Dani’s affections. Colleen adopts a ‘work-to-rule’ regime at the diner, much to Alf’s frustration.

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Noah’s on the path of self-destruction. Rhys gives a fatherly talk to Alex about Brodie. The common room is under threat. Tom bids Gypsy and Sally farewell.

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Dani’s flirtation with Kane takes a dangerous turn. Alex has had enough of Leah’s interfering ways. Nick pulls out of the ‘Song Quest Competition. Jill shows her true colours.

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The Sutherland family are in a crisis after Dani’s assault. Vinnie worries when Leah decides to go back to work. Nick tells his friends they made fools of themselves.

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Rhys, upset over Dani’s experience, says all the wrong things. Will can’t help being suspicious about Dani’s involvement with Kane. Brodie asks Fisher if the seniors can keep their common room.

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Dani refuses to go through with the court case. Fisher agrees to the continuation of the Senior Common Room. Jade and Duncan clash over the new boy in school. Gypsy finds herself on a date with a wonderful guy.

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Gypsy tells Patrick she’s pregnant, with surprising results. Irene worries that Jill has her claws into Hayley. Is Jade cheating on Duncan with the new boy? Leah finds that Alf and Colleen were putting on an act for her benefit.

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Colleen develops a crush on Alf after he saves her life. Jill agrees to seek help and Jade breaks up with Duncan.

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Noah tries to work through his feelings for Jill. Alf is mortified to discover Colleen has a crush on him. Dani decides she will go though with the court case.

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Dani encounters Kane for the first time since the attack. Alf avoids a smitten Colleen. Leah stubbornly refuses to make amends with Alex. Gypsy realises her dream guy is just a substitute.

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