Hayley tells Will that Gypsy deserves someone better than him. Shauna gets the chance to say a final goodbye to Ailsa. There is major tension when Charlotte’s patronising boyfriend arrives in town.


A busy day on the beach ends in disaster. Flynn and Sally rush to the city to chase up a lead on Flynn’s sister. The mystery surrounding Jim deepens.


Flynn contemplates leaving Summer Bay to search for his sister full-time. Jim’s identity is revealed. Rhys is forced to swallow his pride in the aftermath of the beach rescue.


Vinnie’s birthday party brings opposing forces together – and sparks fly! Flynn leaves Summer Bay to begin his search. Will and Gypsy begin to mend their friendship.


Jude and Shauna finally have closure, as Shauna bids a sad farewell to Summer Bay. The pressure of caring for her granny is becoming too much for Charlotte to bear. For the first time, Will feels his baby kick.


Gypsy is cautious to become too close to Will. Leah fears that romance has disappeared from her marriage. Jim’s health continues to deteriorate.


Flynn’s greatest wish finally comes true. Gypsy is furious when Will quits his job. A surprise dinner rekindles the romance in Leah and Vinnie’s relationship.


Gypsy takes a drastic step to avoid being hurt any further. Flynn begins the wrenching struggle of helping Ashley through a ‘cold turkey’ detox. Colleen reveals a hidden heart ache.


A day of romance ends with a life hanging in the balance. Brodie finds Jim collapsed on the caravan floor. Steve asks Charlotte to marry him.


Charlotte is the victim of a violent attack. Jim’s shocking secret is finally revealed. Flynn struggles with Ashley as her ‘cold turkey’ detox continues.


Jude is horrified when Charlotte decides to give Steve a second chance. Ashley is jealous that Flynn is devoting time to Sally. Seb continues to feel like a jinx and decides to break up with Kirsty..


Gypsy returns to Summer Bay with a shocking revelation. Steve continues to worm his way back into Charlotte’s affections. Fisher confronts Seb about his belief that he is a jinx.


Charlotte makes a decision about her future. Colleen is shocked when a surprise visitor arrives in town. Fisher finally gets through to Seb.


Will and Gypsy’s relationship gets off to an uneasy start. Dani attempts to befriend Ashley – and gets more than a frosty reception! Lance is caught out.


Will and Gypsy’s dinner ends with a kiss. Ashley is tempted to buy drugs. Lance makes a stand in his marriage.


Ashley goes to desperate measures for money. Lance decides it’s time to stand up for himself. Gypsy and Will put the romance back in their lives.


Gypsy has a last minute HSC scare. Vinnie comes up with an interesting idea for Alex. Hayley wonders what’s really going on between Jim and Irene.


Lance shows Summer Bay his ‘new’ assertive self. Brodie and Dani can’t agree to disagree. Jim reveals details of his hidden past.


Sally has an alarming accident. Ashley is confronted by an unwanted visitor from her past. Brodie gives Jim a gentle push in the right direction.


Sally receives some devastating news. Can Ashley fight off the temptation? Kirsty spends her birthday money in a unique way.