Dani has some unexpected visitors. Nick insists on giving Jim a hard time. Flynn reaches a new level of understanding with Ashley.


Nick pushes Jim too far. Kirsty refuses to help herself, until it’s too late. Sally breaks some devastating news to Flynn.

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Flynn fights for Sally’s affections. Shelley and Rhys discover the truth about Kirsty. There’s a new chef in the Diner.


Will has an interesting proposal for Gypsy. Sally’s confused about her feelings for Flynn. Vinnie meets up with an old rival.


Hayley goes missing. Kirsty insists on entering the surf carnival. Gypsy gets an unpleasant reminder of Will’s past.


Ashley makes an important decision. Hayley finds herself in a situation she can’t explain. Alf’s worried about the future of the surf club.


Ashley confronts her past. Noah refuses to listen to Hayley’s explanation. Alex finds himself in a no win situation.


Shelley and Rhys negotiate some new rules with Kirsty. Fisher makes Seb an amazing offer. Leah blames Alex for Paul’s departure.


Seb takes Fisher up on his offer – but with conditions. Will makes an interesting sacrifice for Gypsy. Kirsty tries to sneak in after a late night out.


Sally gets a surprise visit from a family member. John has an unexpected offer for Ashley. Brodie’s excited about Miles’ return.


Alex’s jealousy has horrifying repercussions. Sally makes a comeback! Leah finally accepts Alex’s help.


Summer Bay’s in shock after a tragic accident. Ashley makes an important decision. Sally takes steps on the road to recovery.


Brodie is not coping in the aftermath of the accident. Alex’s guilt intensifies when he is interviewed by the police. Gypsy moves into the Beach House.


Brodie makes a decision about Miles’ funeral. Alex falls further into a pit of despondency. Sally is concerned for one of her student’s well being.


Gypsy is finding it hard to adapt to her new living arrangements. Jude and Charlotte’s relationship takes an unexpected turn. Kirsty flirts with one of the schoolies who has arrived in town.


An innocent gathering at the Sutherland House gets completely out of control. Irene plans a surprise for Gypsy to help her feel part of her family. Sally’s concern for Lara grows.


Brodie says a final, heart felt goodbye to Miles. Kirsty allows Jade to take the blame for the party. Alex gets a frosty reception when he returns to work.


Seb discovers that Kirsty has been lying to him. Leah’s stress intensifies when her family arrives in town. Fisher’s health deteriorates rapidly.


Kirsty’s attempt to redeem herself places her in a life threatening situation. Fisher receives some devastating news. Will is forced to face a few of the realities of fatherhood.


Dani and Josh continue to flirt with one another. Flynn and Sally make a breakthrough with Lara. Seb makes a decision about the overseas trip.