Episode 3190

Australian Air Date: 30th November 2001

Leah and Vinnie and Gypsy and Will all become proud parents. But in an instant, both couples lives are changed forever.

First episode. Vinnie and Leah’s son. Born in this episode.
First episode. Will and Gypsy’s daughter. Born in this episode.
Thirty-eighth appearance, last seen in #3186. Arrested Vinnie on suspicion of fraud following V.J.’s birth.
Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Leah is lying in a bed in pain. Vinnie is filming her. Charlotte comes into examine. Vinnie and Helen argue over whether Leah should have a natural birth or not.

Alex and Chris are at The Patterson House after Alex’s breakdown at the diner. Chris offers Alex some food, but Alex ignores him and then tells him to go to the hospital. Chris doesn’t want to leave Alex alone in his current condition. Chris tells Alex that Miles was one of the people that grabbed life with both hands and tells him that it is his duty to live his life the same.

Charlotte tells Leah that she has moved three centimetres. Leah says the pain has been unbearable for three centimetres. Charlotte tells Leah that she is doing great. Leah suffers pain again and they used a doplhin to ease the pain.

Will, Hayley and Nick are in the kitchen. Nick complains that Will never makes him breakfast. Will said he will when Nick gets pregnant. Will receives a phone call from Vinnie. Noah walks into lend Hayley support before she sells her painting. Hayley isn’t so positive, worried that the buyer won’t buy it. Will says that Leah has been in labour all night, but hasn’t had it. Gypsy walks in and says that she thinks she’s gone into labour. Hayley says they can take her car.

Theo and Helen ask Vinnie how Leah is getting on. Vinnie ask Charlotte if there’s anything she can do for Leah. Charlotte tells him VJ is doing well. Gypsy and Will walk in. Gypsy says that the contractions have slowed down.

Chris comes around Summer Bay House to talk to Brodie. He tells Brodie about Alex’s breakdown and that he isn’t get over Miles’ death. Chris says he thinks Brodie is being unfair on Alex. Chris suggests that Brodie and Alex should work together to get over Miles’ death.

Gypsy says the contractions have stopped. Charlotte says she think Gypsy is not in Leah. It should be a while before Gypsy goes into established labour. Gypsy feels stupid at coming to the hospital when it was a false alarm.

Nick is on the phone. He tells Hayley it was a false alarm. Hayley then tells she doesn’t want to sell the painting and now doesn’t want to sell the painting. Irene walks in. Nick tells Irene that Will and Gypsy have gone to the hospital. Irene goes to run out, but Hayley stops her. Hayley asks Irene if they can use the car to take the painting to Mr. Sullivan.

Helen and Vinnie try to make it Leah comfortable before arguing over whether or not Leah should be helped or not. Leah gets upset by Helen and Vinnie’s arguing.

Nick goes out for walk as the tension is getting him. Gypsy gets another pain, but ensures Will it is nothing.

Brodie and Shelley talk about what Chris said to her. Brodie decides that she should tell Alex what she really thinks of him.

Charlotte comes in to check Leah. Vinnie asks her to use painkillers, but it is too late. Charlotte tells Leah that she is fully dilated.

Colleen and Alex are in the kitchen. Colleen talks about giving birth to Lance. Hayley, Noah and Irene celebrate Hayley selling her painting. Brodie gives him a photo of Miles at the formal.

Gypsy goes into labour. Will and Gypsy get in the car and begin to drive to the hospital (it has to be said they seem to be going about 5mph). Will pulls over and Gypsy get out.

Leah gives birth at the hospital to a baby boy. (We already knew that, but just in case).

Gypsy gives birth to a girl. Hayley, Nick and Irene arrive home to see Will and Gypsy have gone to the hospital. They pass the car on the way there. Will asks Gypsy to marry him. She says yes.

The Poulos’ all celebrate the birth of VJ. Inspector Carter comes to see Vinnie. Vinnie jokes with Inspector Carter, but Carter says that he is arresting Vinnie on fraud.