Episode 240

Australian Air Date: 9th February 1989
UK Air Date: 16th January 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Gaye Arnold

Matt decides to let Carly know how he feels.

Forty-seventh appearance, last seen in #239. Played a nasty trick on Bobby and her unknown parentage.

Extended Summary

Alf and Ailsa talk about the mystery letters.

Pippa tells Alf and Ailsa that they’re not selling the caravan park.

Bobby reads her mystery letter; she asks Tom where did hte letter come from. She heads over to the Stewarts and shows it to Ailsa.

Ailsa tells Pippa about the letters she got as well.

Bobby’s letter reads, “If you want your father at the wedding, make sure Donald Fisher is there”!

Bobby shows Frank the letter. She reckons Alison must have sent the letter. Bobby noticed that the lower part of the letters Y is always missing in the letter. She saw the same pattern on a milk bill typed on Alison’s father’s typewriter!

Bobby talks to Alison about the letter. She says she is convinced Alison did it.

Alison owns up to Bobby and says she wrote the letter. Fisher gives out to Alison about it.

Steven and Matt decide that Matt will go out with Alison to get Carly to spend less time with Matt in the hope that Carly will lose interest in him as he is not interested in her anymore.

Matt decides that he will dump Alison right after that to teach her a lesson for the troubles she caused.

Matt asks Alison out.

He tells Carly he is going out with a new girlfriend now. Carly gets very upset and cries.

Alf tells Ailsa he will tell her everything about who Bobby’s mother is.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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