Episode 2980

Australian Air Date: 9th February 2001

Alf realises he needs to take a break from Summer Bay. The community meeting has devastating consequences. Woody continues his menacing behaviour.

Third appearance, last seen in #2973. Was present at the community meeting about Surescape Holdings’ plans for redevelopment. Killed himself shortly afterwards in his car after the weight of community pressure became too much.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #2971. Was present at the community meeting.
Was present at the community meeting.
Was present at the community meeting.

Extended Summary

The issue of Duncan living in the girls’ house finally came to a head. Thanks to Vinnie, it’s happened sooner rather than later. Vinnie told Shauna how Duncan threatened to have Leah fired! Of course, Shauna wasn’t very happy with what Leah and Sally told her. She told them they we all being selfish by not putting up with a little inconvenience.

Later on, Shauna told Sally that looking after Duncan was something she felt she had to do for Ailsa. So Sally and Leah have decided that maybe they could make it work, soon however they might not have a choice because Alf’s considering visiting Roo in the States. Everyone in the Bay can see that a break like that for Alf will do him good.

Woody was on the beach getting quite nasty, at Brodie, talking about how Brodie had just been stringing him along. He’d heard that Mitch and Brodie were back together. He wasn’t very happy about it. He was threatening Brodie who was frightened of him. Sally saw them on the beach, broke up a fight before it started. Later on however, Mitch found out that Woody had been harassing Brodie he was furious. And had a go a Woody, Sally had to intervene again, otherwise who knows what could have happened.

Dennis Scott has killed himself. He was found dead in his car. Irene was so relieved about the outcome of the community meeting. Alf jumped in and rallied everyone against the development. Everyone at the meeting was pleased to see the old Alf in action again. He seemed to pour all of his emotions about losing Ailsa into the fight against the developers. Everyone was hoping the meeting would put an end to the harassment. But no-one expected Dennis Scott to kill him self. At least the nightmares for Irene are now finished.

Erin Flannery

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