Episode 2981

Australian Air Date: 12th February 2001

Brodie’s involvement with Woody becomes more complicated. Gypsy feels disconnected from those around her. Dani sets out to achieve her dream.

First appearance. Woody’s father who refused to accept his son’s problems.
Student at Summer Bay High
Employee who worked for Woody’s dad.
Employee who worked for Woody’s dad.

Extended Summary

Everyone is talking about Gypsy’s kiss with Desiree. In particular Colleen, who as we all know isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Colleen made a comment to Gypsy about the Mardi Gras. Gypsy smiled and told Colleen to ‘pucker up and give her a kiss’. Colleen wasn’t impressed.
Gypsy is feeling betrayed by Shelley after she found out that Rhys knows about her feelings for Shelley. Shelley tried telling Gypsy not to treat men like the enemy – it didn’t seem to work. Gypsy was talking to Will on the beach, and it was almost as if she still has feelings for him. It seems that Gypsy does not really know what she wants at the moment.

However, Will is very sure of what he wants, and it’s not Gypsy. He was absolutely shocked by Gypsy’s revelation. He told Dani it threw him for a while and made him wonder if his relationship was Gypsy was ever real. Dani was too worried by it, she told Brodie she felt a bit insecure.

It seems that a few people in Summer Bay could be without jobs very soon. Colleen has found out about Vinnie and Leah become half owners of the diner and doesn’t particularly like the idea of working for them. And Will found out from Irene about Alf’s trip to visit Roo, which would leave him without a job for over a month. Will was alrready unhappy with Alf, because he had basically had no job for the past month either. So Will confronted Alf, who promised him a job when he returned. Will started looking for work.

Duncan isn’t happy about Vinnie and Leah owning half the diner. To him, it should have been handed to him and Shauna. However Vinnie and Leah were going to include him in the wedding plans, to soften the blow a bit. But Duncan didn’t take it very well.

There is a talent night coming up in Summer Bay. Brodie’s excited, but Dani isn’t, because of her past singing days. Irene, is sort of organsing the event, and convinced Dani this, if it is really her dream to sing, then she should give it a go.

Shelley’s advised Brodie not to get too involved with Woody, but Brodie’s is starting to get scared of him. She mentioned to Shelley about the little black book that he carries around, which he apparently he writes down people’s names in. Brodie doesn’t seem keen on getting her name in the book.

Erin Flannery