Episode 2982

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2001

A stranger is asking questions about Mitch. Will asks Noah to refuse the job at the kiosk. Shauna sets Duncan on the straight and narrow.

Church missionary advocate who visited the Drop-In Centre.
Drop-In Centre kid hassled by Cynthia.
Was employed by Mitch’s long-lost New Zealand uncle to locate his whereabouts.

Extended Summary

Duncan’s terrified of Alf. Vinnie told Alf about Duncan’s recent behaviour. The girls didn’t want Vinnie to say anything, but he did anyway. Alf was disappointed and said he’d cancel his trip. Then he confronted Duncan and completely lost it. Duncan basically ran for his life. He ended up at the caravan park, Shauna was very worried about him, she told him he could stay with her as long as he behaves.

Gypsy, Mitch and Noah are worried about raising funds for the Drop in Centre, because the talent night is only going to raise half of the funds needed, so Mitch went busking and Hayley went with him. They met a girl called Cynthia who was interested in the DIC. She checked it out with them and started talking about religion. Mitch and Hayley were interested in what she had to say. Gypsy and Noah weren’t as impressed. Noah said something about preaching somewhere else, so Cynthia left. Hayley went after her to understand why he is so defensive about it all.

While Mitch was busking, an American tourist asked Mitch to pose for a photo in return for a $20 donation. Mitch did and didn’t think anything of it. Also Colleen asked him for his mother’s maiden name was because a man was asking about Mitch. Mitch isn’t sure what to think. Who is this strange person looking for Mitch?

Erin Flannery