Episode 2983

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2001

Brett takes the disciplining of a student too far. Alf admits he needs professional grief counselling. Vinnie and Leah receive some good news.

Schoolboy who commandeered the PA system for a Sally/Brett prank.

Extended Summary

Sally thought it would be fun to have lunch with Brett . . . in one of the classrooms. Fisher saw them and wasn’t impressed. He’s worried that Sally getting involved with Brett too soon after Luke. He is also concerned about other students seeing them and the sort of influence they are having on them. However Sally is having her doubts about Brett after the way she saw him treat one of the students. One of the students played a joke and said ‘I love you, Ms Fletcher’ over the PA. Brett was fuming.
Jude’s advised Shauna to lighten up on Duncan. So they took him down to the beach at lunch time for a bit of fun. He was as happy as a clam when he came home. He’s also been behaving, which is a blessing for the girls.

Sally went to Fisher and told him how Alf’s been acting around Leah and Colleen. He went to the diner to do some work, but it seems Leah had already done it. He went off at her after she said she was a co-owner. Colleen jumped in and said he should be thanking Leah since he’s never there.

Hayley had a go at Noah. She had had enough of his remarks about Cynthia and decided to confront him about what his problem was. She asked what happened to his belief in freedom of speech and thought. It didn’t seem to help, Hayley still doesn’t understand. Then he decided to give Fisher a hard time during a lesson about World War II. So Fisher told Noah to write a 2000-word essay on the issue.

Erin Flannery

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