Episode 2984

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2001

Woody continues his menacing behaviour. Dani surprises everyone at the talent night. Mitch meets the uncle he never knew he had. Brett and Sally deal with the aftermath of Brett’s inappropriate behaviour.

First episode. Mitch’s long-lost uncle from New Zealand and Vicki’s (his mum’s) brother. Visited the Bay after the private investigator located Mitch’s whereabouts.

Extended Summary

The talent night was a huge success especially Dani, everyone was very surprised by her performance. Mitch won the whole thing with his version of a Paul Kelly song. Woody did a poetry recital, which was quite funny, to the audience but certainly not to him.
Mitch was approached by a man who told him he sang like his mother. It was the same man who has been asking questions about him to Colleen, and who gave him that big donation for the DIC.

Gypsy told Hayley about her feelings for Shelley. Hayley was surprised, then asked if that meant Gypsy was attracted to everyone. Gypsy was offended, but she still helped Hayley out. Hayley told Gypsy about Noah, and Gypsy went to see Jude about it. So Jude confronted Noah and told him to let go of the past. However Jude didn’t realise their mother’s religious fanaticism got him after he left. But finally to Hayley’s relief Noah went and explained to Hayley why he flipped over her interest in religion.

Fisher’s worried Sally’s involvement with Brett will drag her teaching career down, especially after the way he went off at the student yesterday. Sally has let her opinion very clear to Brett.

Erin Flannery