Episode 2985

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2001

Woody gets pushed to the edge. Mitch learns about his real family. Brett tries out new ways of teaching. Nick confronts Rhys man-to-man.

Final episode. Asked Mitch to move to New Zealand with his family.

Extended Summary

Sally has broken up with Brett. He told her she was being selfish and treated him like a villain. He also gave her an ultimatum – an open relationship or nothing at all. Sally was however pleased to hear that he was loosening up on students.
Rhys is still refusing to let Kirsty see Nick. Nick has tried many times to talk to Rhys, but he still refused to budge. Shelley then commented wryly that Rhys is forcing Nick and Kirsty to see each other because of his rules. It’s given him something to think about.

It turns out the man who approached Mitch at the talent night was Morrie Saunders, Mitch’s uncle from New Zealand. He was telling Mitch about a family he never knew he had. His ‘grandmother’ is sick and wants to meet Mitch. There’s also an inheritance for Mitch when his grandmother passes away. Mitch is very confused about what to do. So is Brodie. She’s worried he’s going to take off and never come back.

Brodie’s freaking out about Woody. He has this book of names, where he writes down the names of people who have wronged him. Woody wasn’t very happy when Fisher approached him about it and yelled at Brodie. Brodie was quite scared.

Later on he confronted Mitch in the hallway and told it was his lucky day for being late, Mitch didn’t know what to think until Woody walked into his classroom and held them all hostage. Dani and Brodie are in the room, what will Woody do just to get attention?

Erin Flannery