Episode 2979

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2001

Duncan threatens Leah’s position at the diner. Woody misinterprets Brodie’s king heartedness. Gypsy tries to deal with the aftermath of Desiree.

Extended Summary

Duncan’s presence at the girl’s house is driving Sally and Leah crazy. He’s being obnoxious and there’s no escape for them.

Gypsy is beginning to realise the consequences of her kiss with Desiree. A conversation with Vinnie made Gypsy realise that the gossip about her and Desiree has spread through Summer Bay like wildfire. Now she’s paranoid that everyone is laughing at her. Walking into the Diner just when Hayley, Dani, Noah and Jade were laughing about a joke wouldn’t help. Hayley tried to convince her that they weren’t laughing about her, but Gypsy didn’t take it very well.

Woody was about to kiss Brodie. Brodie was so shocked and ran off as quickly as she could. Brodie had been only trying to help Woody out because he doesn’t have any friends in the Bay and she knows how lonely that can be. Woody seems to think this is something more. But the only person that Brodie is interested in is Mitch.

Tomorrow is a big day for Irene – she’ll be facing Dennis at the community meeting. What will the outcome be?

Erin Flannery