Episode 2978

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2001

News of Gypsy and Desiree’s kiss spreads like wildfire. Rhys and Shelley try to maintain control over their wayward daughters. Brodie wonders whether she can really get things back on track with Mitch.

Final episode. Was upset upon learning of being used by Gypsy in an attempt to make Shelley jealous.

Extended Summary

The whole town is talking about Gypsy’s new ‘relationship’. Shelley had a go at because she thinks that Gypsy had been trying to prove a point through her ‘friendship’ with Desiree. Shelley thinks it’s immature. Then after Dani told Will what she saw, he stormed off looking for Gypsy, to tell her he is sick of the games she’s been playing. And just to top things off for Gypsy, Desiree told her she doesn’t like being used the way she was.

Rhys is finding it hard to see that his three girls are growing up, dating and starting to do their own thing. Shelley has been trying to be understanding about Will and Dani’s relationship, but Rhys isn’t handling it at all. And if he has anything to do with it, there’s no way Will and Dani will do it while he’s around!

Jade had managed to convince Rhys that she should be allowed to see Duncan because the dice game wasn’t their idea. Kirsty is very unimpressed with that because she still can’t see Nick. She is also refusing to carry on her training with Rhys, and not talking to Kirsty. Dani isn’t helping either, if she even sees Nick and Kirsty near each other, she gives them a nice sisterly reminder that there not to see each other.

Brodie and Mitch are still on ‘a break’. Mitch has said he hadn’t thought any more about their relationship, which means it doesn’t look good for them. But Mitch does seem to be getting very jealous every time he sees Brodie hanging around with Woody. So can Mitch make up his mind on what he wants?

Erin Flannery