Episode 2977

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2001

Gypsy goes a long way to prove a point. Rhys discovers Shelley’s been keeping a secret from him. Duncan dobs in his mate to save himself.

Laughed at Sally and Brett’s budding romance.

Extended Summary

Sally realised that she was bit harsh on Duncan. She later found out that Kirsty and Nick were responsible for the love heart graffiti. However she wasn’t alone in suspecting Duncan. Alf had a go at him over the graffiti too, telling him to behave while he was staying with Shauna.

Duncan’s worried about losing Shauna. It’s even brought him into conflict with his best mate. Rhys found Duncan and Nick fighting. It was pretty serious. Rhys had to pull them apart. The fight started because Duncan dobbed Nick in about the love-heart graffiti. By the end of it, Duncan was yelling at the top of his voice telling Nick he didn’t understand the reason behind staying with Shauna. ‘If you don’t care about me, I’m not going to bother caring about you,’ Duncan screamed.

Maybe Alf’s beginning to realise that he’s got to pull things together. He admitted today that his mind’s not on the boat business. At least Alf realises it too. Alf went to the boat today to apologise to Will about letting him down with the business lately. However Alf wasn’t able to get to the apology, because when he arrived at the boat he found Will and Dani together. Alf went on the warpath about them making a love-nest on his boat.

Will’s incident with Alf, caused him to get himself into more hot water, Later, when Will was talking to Rhys, he somehow managed to let slip that he and Dani are serious. Will seemed to think Rhys knew already. The point Will was actually trying to make was about how responsible he and Dani were being. Funnily enough, Rhys didn’t see it that way.

Now that Rhys knows about their relationship, everyone is wishing he didn’t. Dani is so humiliated she thinks she won’t be able to go home again, and Shelley’s trying to explain why she hasn’t told Rhys. She might have been respecting Dani’s wishes, Rhys doesn’t see it that way!

While at the drop-in centre, Dani saw Gypsy kissing her friend from TAFE, Desiree. Will Dani spread the word, or will she keep it to her self?

Erin Flannery

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