Episode 133

Australian Air Date: 20th July 1988
UK Air Date: 16th August 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Peter Andrikidis

Alan’s pranks cause further conflict with his father, while Carly is humiliated on a national television program.

Second appearance, last seen in #130. Was stopped by Matt & Bobby in their search for Carly.
Third appearance, last seen in #131. Presented Carly’s embarrassing news story.

Extended Summary

Carly waits at the bus stop. Matt turns up in his new van, Alan sold it to him. The bus comes along and Carly says that she’s moving away because of the fight with Tom and Pippa. Matt tries to talk her out. She gives Matt a kiss before getting on the bus. Bobby is in the kitchen, when Sally notices the letter on the floor and starts asking what all the big words mean. Bobby reads the letter and then runs out the house. Matt has come to see the Fletcher’s about Carly and they get in Matt’s van and chase after the bus. They catch the bus and Bobby climbs aboard and tells Carly to get off. Matt and Bobby bring Carly back to Summer Bay House and Sally is pleased to see her.

Barbara is ready to go to school, but Alan is still in his dressing gown eating breakfast. Barbara says he’s going to be late, but Alan says he just has to put on his uniform. Barbara warns Alan not to do anything to antagonise Fisher. Matt and Roo talk about Carly’s situation. Bobby tells Fisher that Tom isn’t work because Pippa is sick. Fisher is taking a Year Twelve class when Alan walks in wearing uniform… a girl’s uniform.

Carly walks around her old bedroom. Her bed has been taken away and the room has got Bobby’s stuff in it. Tom picks up the note in the. Carly asks how Pippa is. Carly asks Tom whether or not they want her to stay. Tom says that note covers everything. Carly breaks down and says she’s sorry. Tom comforts her.

Barbara is teaching a class and has a go at Alan about how ridiculous he looks. Alan says he was going to change, but Fisher said not to. Fisher then walks into the class and places a straw hat on Alan to match his dress. Barbara then follows Fisher out the classroom and has a go at him for the stunt.

Tom helps Carly move back into her bedroom, but tells her she’s going to have to share as he’s not going to kick Bobby out.

Barbara, Alan and Fisher all argue over their respective stunts.

*Three Days Later*

Carly sticks a piece of tape down the middle of the bedroom because she’s frustrated at Bobby’s mess being all over the place. Wasn’t this the same Bobby who a few episodes a go was having a go at the mess of the flat, but I digress. When Carly goes to answer a phone call, Bobby moves some of her clothes to Carly’s half and then makes Carly’s half smaller. The phone call is from Pippa and is talking about the upcoming documentary. Floss and Neville, along with Sally have got dressed up to watch the programme. They settle down to watch the programme, but Bobby says she’s going out.

Alan sits listening to music. Barbara says she’s going, but doesn’t Alan have an assignment to do. If this is hit attitude to school, he may as well not go. Bobby comes round to see Alan.

Matt comes around to watch the documentary at the Fletcher’s. The documentary paints a picture of Samantha being the fashionable model, whilst Carly was completely hopeless, leaving Carly a laughing stock.

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