Episode 132

Australian Air Date: 19th July 1988
UK Air Date: 15th August 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Peter Andrikidis

Carly tries to deal with her family’s treachery. Meanwhile, one of Summer Bay’s favourite residents is suddenly taken ill.

Informed Carly that Lance and Martin were outside.
Refused Lance and Martin entry to Carly’s photo shoot.
Was present at the Samantha/Carly photo shoot.
Was present at the photo shoot.
Final episode.
Final episode.

> Samantha’s body-double is played by Samantha Barty in this episode.

Extended Summary

Lance and Martin have decided that they are going to the city to get involved in this modelling lark as well. Lance is wearing his suit for the first time since the Summer Bay pie eating contest and it still has a gravy stain on it. They can’t get the car started and Lance has to push it.

Steven and Bobby return home after their run and Tom wants them to make breakfast as he’s away to work. He also tells Bobby he doesn’t want her gloating about Carly not coming back in front of Pippa. Tom walks over to Fisher at the school to find out what work needs doing at the school. Tom tells Fisher that both Carly and Lynn won’t be returning. Pippa comes down from her bed and congratulates Bobby on the scrambled eggs. Bobby has also made Sally some sandwiches, but teases her by holding them out of her reach.

Barbara tells Alan she wants him up and getting ready for school. Alan walks through in his wetsuit for surfing. Alan tells Barbara that he’s not going to school, he wants to enjoy the rest of his life. Barbara tells him he may never die from the aneurysm and Alan tries joking about it. Barbara then allows Alan to go surfing.

Carly and Samantha are in a studio. Someone walks over and asks Carly if she’s expecting visitors; Martin Dibble and Lance Smart. Carly says she’s not and the floor manager says he’ll tell the security guards to get rid of them. Lance and Martin back and scale the fence. Lance tears his trousers in the process.

Bobby and Barbara talk about Alan. Then Barbara tells Fisher that Alan won’t be at school. Alan is on the beach waxing his board and Fisher walks over to him and says he’s heard he’s not coming back to school.

Martin and Lance sneak into the studio. Carly comes over confronts them saying she said they couldn’t come in. Martin and Lance think she must be Samantha, but Carly convinces them that she’s Carly by mentioning some of Martin and Lance’s escapades. Martin and Lance mention her telling Tom and Pippa where to go, but Carly hasn’t spoken to Miss Molloy and is completely confused. She then twigs and looks at George and Samantha, who notice that they’ve been caught out. Samantha walks over and starts talking to the trio, insulting Lance about his torn trousers. Samantha offers to get him some new ones, but Carly thinks they should have dessert first and flings a cake in Samantha’s face. George walks over to see what all the hullaballoo is about and Carly puts a cake in his face as well. Carly confronts them about the lies they had told Miss Molloy. Two security guards come to take Lance and Martin away, but Carly says she is leaving with them. Samantha asks what they’re going to do.

Tom is setting up a TV. Bobby comes to talk to her, but Tom tells her classrooms are out of bounds. Barbara walks behind her and says she couldn’t have put it better herself and she wants Bobby out. Alan returns home and walks in to find Fisher sitting there. Fisher says that he doesn’t want him to return to school, but he’s doing it for Barbara. Fisher accuses Alan about not giving a stuff about his mother and that if he did he would turn up at school that afternoon. Alan turns up at school that afternoon. Fisher tells him to come get a uniform.

Carly is worried that Tom and Pippa won’t forgive her, despite the fact that she was tricked. Carly says she’s going for a walk. Later that night, with a storm brewing outside, Lance and Martin sit at the flat playing cards. Carly leaves a letter in the kitchen saying that she wants to return and that if the vote to have her back goes her way, she’ll be waiting at the bus stop the following morning. Carly waits at the bus stop. As the Fletcher’s come down that morning, Pippa picks up Carly’s letter before getting a stomach pain and dropping it on the floor. Tom says he’s taking her straight to the hospital. Carly waits at the bus stop as no one turns up for her with tears in her eyes.

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