Episode 385

Australian Air Date: 1st September 1989
UK Air Date: 9th August 1990
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Chris Adshead

Lance turns the group’s first public appearance into a disappearing act, and Bobby goes on a date with destiny…

Extended Summary

Bobby is rushing Carly to eat her breakfast so they can get to the Diner and then Carly remembers she needs to hang the washing out too.

Lance finds a mouldy loaf of bread in the cupboard. Martin says going without breakfast won’t hurt as Nina wants them to be trim, taut and terrific. Lance wonders when they’re going to see some of the cash Nina says they’re making. Marilyn arrives, excited as she just got paid and has finally paid off Morag’s vase that she broke. Lance asks if she can lend them $10 but Marilyn says all her money went straight back to Morag for the vase!

Carly and Bobby come back in the house with an empty laundry basket. Carly asks Bobby why she didn’t talk to the cute guy she just said hello to but Bobby says he wasn’t cute enough to make her late opening up the Diner. She is annoyed when she then has to wait for Carly to go and fix her hair.

Nina arrives at Stacey’s and tells her she’s been speaking to her father; Image are going to be playing at the grand opening of the Sands Resort. Stacey is worried that Gordon won’t have forgotten what happened when Martin worked for him but Nina says they can do a good make-up job and make sure he doesn’t come into contact with Gordon. Stacey says if they do a good job selling Image to the media people then Gordon will have to rave about them.

Stacey and Nina are at the mobile home. Martin is excited about playing at the Sands but Lance only wants to know about the money. Stacey promises it will be worth his while. They need to learn the lyrics for Living Without Your Love and Stacey calls Alf to ask about hiring the surf club for rehearsals. Nina reminds them not to speak to any journalists as she wants to keep up the mystery so Marilyn says she’ll just be “mouldering ember”. Nina corrects her, “Smouldering, darling… smouldering!” In the kitchen, Lance tells Martin he’s not doing anything until he sees some cash.

Danny comes into the Diner and Carly tells Bobby it looks like she has an admirer. Bobby is not interested and Ailsa reminds Carly they have customers to serve. Carly tries to take Danny’s order but he claims he’s not ready yet so Carly tells Bobby she was right. Bobby sees Danny looking at her.

Adam is sweeping the surf club when Lance, Martin, Marilyn, Stacey and Nina arrive for a rehearsal. Lance asks a confused Adam if he has any food he could have! Nina tells Alf it’s a closed set and so he leaves. Lance’s stomach rumbles.

The Diner has quietened down and so Carly tries to prove her point by going and fliting with Danny but it backfires when Adam walks in!

Lance, Martin and Marilyn are rehearsing Living Without Your Love when Nina stops the music and tells Lance he’s supposed to look like he’s singing the song. Lance says he doesn’t know the words yet but Nina says Martin and Marilyn aren’t having any problem and Lance says they know more words than him! Stacey suggests they break for lunch. Lance says he’ll have a cheeseburger, double fries and two chocolate shakes but Nina tells him he’ll have a salad sandwich; the world doesn’t like a sex symbol with a weight problem! Lance says he will go to get the food and Nina has to give him some money.

Carly and Adam are walking along the beach and Carly is trying to explain she was just trying to prove a point to Bobby with Danny. Adam is amused and says they’ve only been out once but Carly doesn’t want him to think she throws herself at any guy.

Martin is talking to Nina about money and she assures him they will get rehearsal pay. Lance has been gone for an hour and a quarter so Nina asks Stacey to call the Diner. On the phone, Bobby tells Stacey that Lance isn’t here, while Lance stuffs his face in the background! Carly returns and tells Bobby that Adam believed her. Bobby teasingly says she heard he went straight round to ask Vicky out. Carly points out that Danny is still here and Ailsa begins to think Carly has a point. Bobby says she’s not interested but Ailsa encourages her to give him a chance. Lance orders a third burger and double fries!

Back at the mobile home, Lance is talking to himself, moaning about Nina. He gets his contract out of the cupboard, leaves a note on the fridge for the others, and takes a balaclava so nobody knows who he is. Later, Martin and Marilyn return and find the note. Martin says Lance has run away twice before. Once when he ran away until dinner time but turned up for lunch, and the second time when he met Marilyn. Marilyn worries he will meet another woman!

Danny is finally ready to pay and Bobby says she’s never seen anyone drink so much coffee. Danny asks Bobby out for dinner and she agrees. Carly goes home with Bobby to help her choose something to wear and do her hair. Danny talks to a photo of himself and his father, telling his father his plan for revenge is going to be easier than he thought; he’s got a date with Morag’s daughter. They’re going for a long drive. There is an eerie fade to Ailsa and Carly telling Bobby how good she looks. Danny says it’s a shame as he likes Bobby, but the judge is going to get what’s coming to her. People are expendable. Danny arrives at the Diner to pick up Bobby.

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