Episode 384

Australian Air Date: 31st August 1989
UK Air Date: 8th August 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Chris Adshead

Bobby seems to have a new admirer, and Sally finds it hard to leave her family in Summer Bay.

Final episode.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Andrew and Stacey arrive home and Stacey instantly shuts herself in her bedroom, resisting all Andrew’s attempts to push his way in.She complains that she’s got a criminal record thanks to him.Andrew points out that technically it was a misdemeanour but agrees getting a dressing down from the magistrate was a bit humiliating.Stacey adds that the “nice warm cell” he promised her had cockroaches.

Bobby is ranting to Tom and Pippa about Morag at the caravan park house.Initially they aren’t convinced she’ll try and make them look like bad parents but quickly realise Sally wouldn’t have thought of it by herself.Tom points out that by having a go at Morag Bobby’s probably convinced her she’s behind the phone calls but Bobby doesn’t care since she thinks Morag’s only helping the Keatings to get back at her. Pippa concedes it wouldn’t be out of character.Tom however still isn’t happy about Bobby’s behaviour and neither is Don when they talk about it at the Diner later.He points out that whatever Morag’s values, Bobby has lowered herself to her level, as well as showing her what her own weaknesses are.As they’re talking, a young man, Danny, comes in and orders a coffee, whilst looking at the pair of them with an unusual amount of interest.

Ross and Louise drive Morag to the caravan park and she asks them to wait while she goes to talk to Tom and Pippa.Louise is uncomfortable with the way things are going but Ross reminds her they’re doing what Sally wants.Louise responds that at least he isn’t saying he’s doing it for her, which she feels is the implication behind much of his recent behaviour.Inside, Morag confirms to Tom and Pippa that if they go to court she will make them out to be unfit parents, bringing up the fact Sally was forced to live with Dodge, a murderer, and Steven’s criminal record.She also suggests that the publicity might lead the welfare department to remove Steven from their care.The Fletchers don’t seem ready to back down but are thrown when she tells them Ross and Louise are outside and think Sally wants to live with them.

Tom and Pippa go up to Sally’s room, where they tell her what Morag said and ask her if she really wants to live with Ross and Louise, saying they won’t hold her back if she does.A short time later, Sally is hugging a delighted Louise outside while Ross thanks Morag nearby.Tom and Pippa watch from a distance: They accept that Sally’s made her choice but are finding it too painful to watch and go back inside.Sally says she’ll pack her things.Ross says they can buy her some new stuff but Louise says Sally can wear what she wants and they’ll pick her up later.As Sally goes back inside, she excitedly tells a passing Lance that she’ll be living with Ross and Louise with their horses and pool and everything.

At their flat, Andrew and Stacey are reading separate copies of the same newspaper.Andrew tells Stacey that she didn’t have to buy another one because he’d have lent her his copy when he’d finished.Stacey retorts that he always leaves it jumbled up anyway.Andrew adds that she had dry toast that morning to avoid using his margarine.Later, Stacey is doing the vacuuming while Andrew is watching television and makes a point of clambering over him instead of asking him to move.They get into an argument, turning the vacuum cleaner on and off, until Andrew pulls the plug out.He realises things are getting out of hand and says that he’ll move out.Stacey says she won’t stop him and she’s not going to pat him on the back and says he’s doing the right thing.

Tom and Pippa are sitting on the couch, not really knowing what to do.Lance arrives and asks them about Sally leaving when they were supposed to be adopting her.They tell him she’s chosen to live with Ross and Louise.Lance thinks it’s only because of the horses and pool and stuff but Tom suggests those sort of things are important to a girl Sally’s age.Lance thinks someone should do something.At the Diner, Don and Bobby are discussing shopping when Danny pays for his coffee and asks if they know of somewhere he could stay.Don suggests the motel and Bobby suggests the caravan park, saying she used to live there. Danny suggests she could tell him a lot about Summer Bay.

Tom comes downstairs after trying to find a suitcase, noting they gave the best one to Frank, and finds Pippa in tears, distraught at losing Sally after they survived her threatening to leave because of Dodge and seemed settled.Later, Tom shows Danny to a caravan as Sally runs past on her way to say goodbye to Lance.Danny asks about Bobby and Tom says they used to foster her even though Don’s her father.Danny seems interested in her and asks if she’s married;Tom says she’s separated.At the mobile home, Sally gives Lance her new address and telephone number, telling him to visit her.Lance thinks she’ll soon forget about him though and bitterly tells her to just enjoy her horses and pool and stuff and not bother about him or how upset Tom and Pippa will be.

Andrew seems to be packing his stuff and tells Stacey he’ll leave the electric frying pan they bought together.Stacey tries to pay him for his half of it but he refuses to take the money, despite her trying to force it into her hand.Finally Stacey bursts into tears and apologises for being stupid.Andrew hugs and then kisses her.

Tom and Pippa have finished packing up Sally’s things.Pippa wonders if Sally might actually be better off with Ross and Louise but Tom thinks she won’t:She needs stability, not being moved around.Louise arrives and Tom goes to get Sally from Lance’s.Pippa invites Louise in and Louise apologises for what Morag and Ross have been doing.Pippa says she knows Louise wasn’t involved and Morag’s threats didn’t affect their decision, they’re just doing what Sally wants.At the mobile home, Sally is still trying to convince Lance to come and see her but he refuses to say he will, even when Tom arrives to collect her.

Tom and Sally join Pippa, Ross and Louise by the car.Sally wants to drop by the Diner to say goodbye to Carly and Bobby and the school to say goodbye to Steven.Ross says they haven’t got time and she’ll see them again.Sally thinks she won’t, they’ll think she’s horrible, but Ross says that means it doesn’t matter. Sally protests that they’re her family, then runs to Pippa and hugs her, crying and saying she’s sorry, she’s made a mistake and doesn’t want to go.Pippa says she doesn’t have to and Tom tells Ross to leave.Ross retorts that he’ll see them in court but Louise replies that he won’t:Sally’s the only judge that matters and she’s made her decision.She says a brief goodbye to Sally as they leave.Sally’s only response is an awkward smile as she, Pippa and Tom are left standing together.

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