Episode 383

Australian Air Date: 30th August 1989
UK Air Date: 7th August 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Chris Adshead

Stacey and Andrew have a disastrous day’s recreation, and Morag decides all’s fair in love and custody battles…

First ever appearance. Local police sergeant who busted Stacey and Andrew for trespass.

Extended Summary

Sally sits in the kitchen scoffing her breakfast down. Pippa remarks about how she usually struggles to get Sally out of bed in the morning, but Sally says it’s best to ride horses in the morning before it gets too hot and that she’s going to ride Piccolo. Pippa tells Sally that Piccolo isn’t her horse and that they were going to think about it and now they’ve thought about it the answer is no. Sally throws a strop. Pippa tells her that she has a horrible attitude about the whole thing. Sally says she’s going to talk to Tom about it, but Pippa tells her Tom is very tired and is not to be disturbed. Pippa asks Sally for a hug, but Sally she doesn’t want one. At that point Christopher starts crying and Pippa has to go up to see him. Sally takes money out a jar and walks out the house.

Stacey and Andrew are at home and sit at the table, where the atmosphere is decidedly tense. Andrew remarks about how things were going along well until they had kissed and that they need to go out for the day and get back to being good friends. Stacey remarks that there’s one thing she’s always wanted to do…

Andrew and Stacey drive along with a canoe on top of the car. Andrew drives down a road and past a sign that says “4-Wheel drive Access Only” and further down the track they get stuck in some mud.

At Fisher’s, Fisher gets up and finds Bobby already cooking in the kitchen. Bobby says that when she stopped worrying about what Morag said because she herself knows that she didn’t make the phone calls, she slept well. Fisher tells her that she was lucky because he couldn’t sleep. Bobby tells him that they should just all forget about Morag. Morag arrives at her office to find it open and then walks where she finds the newspaper cutting knifed to her desk. Back at Fisher’s they talk about what Bobby is going to do with her life, when there is a knock at the door. Bobby answers it and Morag walks in with the newspaper cutting. Morag continues to accuse Bobby of the phone calls and the newspaper cutting. Fisher says that they are probably linked, but does not believe that it was Bobby who did it and with Morag’s “past, present and no doubt future it could be anyone on mainland Australia”.

Stacey and Andrew continue their enjoyable day out, carrying the canoe above their heads and finally finding the river.

Sally walks up to Louise who is riding a horse. Louise asks what she’s doing there. She says that she’s came here on the bus and that Tom and Pippa don’t know about it, but that doesn’t matter because they don’t care about her anyway. Back at Summer Bay House, Pippa and Bobby are folding some sheets whilst Bobby talks about the accusations that Morag has been throwing about. Pippa receives a phone call from Louise letting them know of Sally’s whereabouts. Louise tells Sally that they are going to take her back after lunch and chastise her for stealing. When hearing that Steven and Carly have done it in the past, Ross smells an opportunity.

On the river, Stacey and Andrew are in the canoe. Stacey is paddling whilst Andrew relaxes at the back. Stacey remarks that her feet are getting wet and Andrew notices that they are taking on water. They then come across some rapids, but after they are through them, Stacey brings up that she can’t swim, before the boat finally goes completely under.

At Summer Bay House, Louise and Ross bring Sally back, where they tell Sally to apologise to Pippa. Pippa says that she is so angry with Sally she doesn’t want to see her and that’s she go up to her room. Ross says that Pippa shouldn’t be too hard on Sally; he got up to much worse when he was a child, but Louise tells Ross that she believes Pippa has got everything under control. After Ross and Louise leave, Bobby tells Pippa she can’t believe the hide that Ross has.
A soaked Stacey and Andrew walk out the river arguing.

Bobby goes upstairs to talk to Sally about the way she’s been acting. Sally doesn’t want to hear what Bobby has to say, but Bobby says it anyway and tells Sally she’d be dumb if she threw everything she had with Tom and Pippa away. At Morag’s office, Ross says that Sally’s mentioned all the things that have been happening at the Fletcher’s household, but Morag says that it a dangerous tactic as the Fletcher’s are well thought of and it could make the Keating’s looking desperate.

Stacey and Andrew are on the river bank when Summer Bay legend cop, Chris Hale, making his first appearance tells them they are trespassing and that they need to move on. Stacey is ready to move on, but Andrew starts arguing with Hale in attempt to get arrested and out of this nightmare day out.

Bobby bursts into Morag’s office about the talk of the Fletcher’s being unfit parents. Morag throws Bobby out before picking up the phone and phoning Ross, saying they may just use Ross’ idea to their advantage…

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