Episode 382

Australian Air Date: 29th August 1989
UK Air Date: 6th August 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Adshead

Confusion reigns when Martin takes Vicki to the Surf Club Dance, and Morag receives a threatening phone call.

First episode. Disgruntled and unhinged son of a supposedly innocent man Morag had sent to jail. Came to the Bay masquerading as ‘Danny Price’ to seek revenge.
Final episode.

> First appearance of the interior of the Surf Club.
> Len Baxter (Vicki’s father) is seen in a non-speaking role waiting to pick her up from the school dance. He is later portrayed by a different actor, Damian Cudmore, in #500.

Extended Summary

Lance keeps on at Marilyn about her other half now being Martin, but Marilyn says she is going to sit on the couch until Lance will listen, even if that means she has to stay there for the rest of her life. Lance agrees to listen to Marilyn, but tells her he laughs at fairy stories. Marilyn tells him that she’s only her loved him and will never love Martin and that it was all a big understanding. Lance then asks Marilyn if she’s going to the dance and she say she will, but only with him. Martin then walks in and says he’s taking a school girl to the dance. Lance and Marilyn then kiss and make up.

Tom and Pippa stand in the kitchen talking about Sally’s emotional blackmail. Steven comes down and asks what’s going on. They then decide that they are not going to buy Sally a pony to make her stay, they’re going to say no and see what happens. Adam turns up at the diner all dressed up for the dance as he’s helping set up for the dance and he wants to make a good impression at the club. Steven and Carly say that they’re busy and can’t come to the dance. Adam says he’d save the last dance for Carly, but she can’t come. Steven and Carly discuss the situation where they can’t go to the dance.

Viv shows Fisher her dress as she’s not used to go to parties, but he says it’s fine. He asks what time Steven is coming, but she tells him that she’s now going with Matt. Fisher then gives her a talk and tells her not to let Matt talk into anything that she isn’t ready for. At the diner, Viv asks Carly what she thinks of the dress. Carly gives Viv her earrings and removes some hideous ribbon for it. Vicki then walks in wearing some skin-tight purple number that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Matt then turns up and Vicki starts throwing herself at him, but he tells her Viv’s his date and that Martin is taking Vicki to the dance, something Vicki is not impressed with.

At the surf club, the party is just about to start, although Vicki isn’t quite convinced that Martin is actually a pop star. Alf makes a speech about helping to clean the “joint” up and an upcoming Ironman contest, then the party is underway. Ailsa and Steven are at the diner. Steven wonders what’s going at the dance. Ailsa says that she heard what he did and warns him you can’t buy someone’s heart by kindness. Bobby then rolls up, returning from her holiday. Bobby tells Carly that she can go to the dance as it’s a quiet night. Carly turns up at the party and starts dancing with Adam and Viv feels like everyone is watching her.

Tom and Pippa talk about how they had never thought that they’d lose Sally, let alone some relatives come out of the woodwork. Pippa says it’s even worse because she actually likes them, although she has some reservations about Ross, Louise seems really nice. Steven tells Bobby that Matt has overheard Morag saying she is representing the Keating’s. Bobby thinks that she is doing this to get back at her by hurting Tom and Pippa, but Ailsa says it’s just Morag’s job. Morag is about to leave her office when she gets a distorted message on her answering machine threatening her.

Back at the surf club, the party is over and Alf and Ailsa wish the party-goers a safe journey home. Len Baxter comes to pick Vicki up and after a few words between Carly and Vicki; they all leave to go home. Back at Summer Bay House, Adam and Carly say good night.

At the diner, Steven thinks he’s found maggots in a salt shaker, but Ailsa tells Steven its rice, and it stops the rice clogging in the sea air. Morag walks in for something to eat, however it ends with another sparring match between herself and Bobby. Back at Morag’s office, someone breaks and sticks a newspaper cutting from when Morag fled Bobby’s wedding into her desk…

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