Episode 341

Australian Air Date: 3rd July 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Tina Butler, Michael Sergi

Ailsa’s actions call for Morag’s intervention, while Steven and Dodge’s camping trip suddenly becomes more enjoyable.

Extended Summary

Alf comes home and sees Ailsa standing next to Duncan’s cot. She is holding a pillow and it looks as if she were about to try to kill Duncan!

Alf is very shocked and he phones Pippa.

Pippa talks to Ailsa. She explains that she can’t stand Duncan crying. Pippa say she know how she feels. Ailsa freaks out and scream to Pippa that she can’t possible know how she feels. Ailsa runs out.

Pippa tell Alf that Ailsa must have professional help for her problem.

Bobby goes down to harbour and talks to Adam. Revhead sees them. Adam and Bobby get to know each other. Revhead just stands there watching them. (Tense music)

Adam and Bobby go to Diner. Carly is there too.

Adam has to go to Yabbie Creek. Bobby lends him her car and he is grateful to her.

Alf talks to Ailsa. Ailsa realise she need to speak to a psychiatrist. Alf can’t see the idea behind that and think she should go to a real doctor or a gynaecologist!

Alf ask Morag if Ailsa can move in with her for a while since it would do Ailsa good. He tells Morag that the depressions are worse and that Ailsa nearly tried to kill Duncan today with a pillow. Morag is shocked.

Steven, Dodge and Tom continue their camping trip. Tom’s body is still not totally recovered from when he and Alf were lost on sea so he have a pretty hard time to be out camping now even though it was ok in the beginning of the camping trip.

Ailsa moves in at Morag’s house for the time being.

Martin brags to a girl in the Diner how cool it is with guys with muscles. Stacey hears him talking about it and thinks it is pathetic.

Revhead and a friend called Skid are in the Diner. They talks to Matt and ask him if know anything about Adam since they are angry with him.

Tom gives up the camping trip and goes home. Dodge and Steven will continue camping on their own they tell Tom. They say they will be home in a couple of days.

Dodge and Steven are happy now when Tom have gone home since they didn’t really want to be out camping and now they might be able to go to the city to party instead as last time.

Carly give Tom a massage on his back when he comes home since his back hurts.

Martin place a bet with Stacey to stop him talking about how strong he is. She bet him 100 dollars if he can manage to lift the big anchor statue at beach. He has 3 months to train for it.

Martin goes down on beach and tries to lift the anchor. He can’t move it at all! He is convinced that he will be able to lift it if he trains for it.

Roo calls Alf and talks to him. Alf don’t tell her that Ailsa have real bad depressions and that she lives with Morag. Alf say that Ailsa is out shopping as the reason why she isn’t home, to spare Roo the worrying.

Ailsa is feeling very bad and worried over her depressive moods. Morag gives her a brandy to calm down a bit.

Ailsa tell Morag she doesn’t recognise herself anymore due to her depressions.

Revhead and Skid are down at beach. They tell at Adam that they have a score to settle with him.

Ola Carlsson, 1999


Arrivals and Departures

Fourth appearance, last seen in #338. Observed Adam and Bobby on his boat from a distance.
Fifth appearance, last seen in #338. Threatened to smash Matt’s teeth in for information on Adam.
Diner customer hassled by an ego-inflated Martin.


> New Opening Credits: gone are Frank/Bobby, Carly/Roo. In place are Carly/Bobby, Viv, and Adam.

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