Episode 342

Australian Air Date: 4th July 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler, Michael Sergi

Ailsa accepts she is in need of professional help, and wedding bells are in the air, but does the groom know?

Fifth appearance, last seen in #341. Was outsmarted by a quick-witted Adam on his boat.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #341. Was outsmarted by a quick-witted Adam on his boat.
Delivered exercise equipment to Martin in his bid to impress Stacey.

Extended Summary

Revhead and his friend Skid threaten Adam and want to fight him. Adam pushes the sail on the boat on them and then throws them in water and throws in a life buoy in the water as well.

Colleen Smart comes into Alf’s store where Celia is working and gossips about Ailsa living at Morag’s house without her baby. Colleen heard it from Marilyn.

Morag reckon Ailsa need professional help for her depression problems.

Celia asks Alf if it is true that Ailsa are living at Morag’s house. Alf explain that it is true.

Martin has bought heaps of training machines to make him build muscles.

Sally watches him pack the things up. Martin is very excited about training.

Lance enjoys working as a road worker again.

Sally think Martin is stupid for spending 800 dollars on training equipment to win a 100-dollar bet.

Alf tell Tom that Ailsa nearly tried to kill Duncan earlier. It is a big shock to hear about it.

Ailsa starts to go to a doctor to get help for her problems.

Martin starts training with his new equipment.

Celia talks to Bobby about Ailsa. She wants Bobby to speak to Ailsa about the depression problems.

Bobby goes to Morag’s house and tries to speak to Ailsa. Morag see Bobby and tell her to get out immediately.

Martin and Lance are worried that Marilyn might want to marry Lance.

Revhead and Skid are in Diner and have some milkshakes.

Marilyn gets a week off her work at Morag’s house.

Lance tells Marilyn that he is not ready for marriage and he reckon they shouldn’t go on seeing each other. Marilyn is sad about it.

Revhead and Skid thinks on how to get back at Adam.

Lance and Marilyn comes up with an idea to make Lance’s mum Colleen to go easier on him when she find out he and Marilyn have split up.

Marilyn tells Colleen that she broke off with Lance instead of other way round. Colleen gets upset and hates the idea.

Marilyn comes to Morag’s house. Morag tell her she can’t come back until Monday morning to her work. Marilyn is very sad over what have happened and walks out. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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