Episode 343

Australian Air Date: 5th July 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler, Michael Sergi

Andrew is concerned about a potential suicide victim, and Dodge teaches Steven more survival skills.

First episode. John and Angela’s daughter. Tammy’s elder sister. City runaway who had fled her religious father’s abusive lifestyle. Fell for Steven.
Dodge’s mate from the city who kicked him and Steven out for stealing.
Operator of the Mulgrave Youth Centre where Steven and Dodge met Viv.

Extended Summary

Colleen is worried since she hasn’t seen Lance for a while. She reckons he is missing. She goes around and looks for him.

Marilyn sits on a cliff near beach. She is very sad over what have happened. (Emotional music)

Lance isn’t missing at all. He was out with Martin last night. Colleen finds him at his house. He goes back to sleep again since he is very tired.

Andrew sees Marilyn on beach where she spent last night. He talks to Marilyn. She cries and says no one wants her. Andrew tries to convince her that it is not true. Andrew also convinces Marilyn that Morag wants her back now to work in the house. Marilyn is a bit happier.

Dodge and Steven are in the city to have fun instead of being out camping. Dodge steals 20 dollars from a friend of his that lives in the city. Dodge’s friend throws Steven and Dodge out.

Marilyn talks to Andrew in his office. They talk a lot and Andrew gives Marilyn a book to read to improve her self-esteem.

Carly talks to Andrew. She says she is leaving school so he doesn’t have to help her with any more schoolwork anymore.

Dodge and Steven managed to get into a youth centre and take a shower. They will be able to stay the night there too.

Dodge steals clothes for him and Steven. Steven is very nervous.

Lance has a hangover and takes some aspirin for his headache. Colleen overreacted and thought he tried to commit suicide with some pills!

Dodge and Steven put on their new clothes that Dodge stole.

They meet a troubled girl called Viv Newton in the youth centre.

Marilyn phone Andrew late at night and thanks him for the great book she got from him.

Dodge offers Viv to move in with them in Summer Bay! Steven is doubtful about it but say ok to the whole thing.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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