Episode 344

Australian Air Date: 6th July 1989
UK Air Date: 13th June 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Tina Butler, Michael Sergi

Stacey is offered a job, but is dubious about accepting. Bobby makes Ailsa come to a decision, but her problem is still not resolved.

Return episode, last seen in #339. Returned briefly to the Bay for Duncan’s christening.
First episode. Stacey’s entrepreneurial friend. Visited the Bay to become embroiled in Lance, Martin and Marilyn’s new-found fame.
Chased Dodge after an attempted car break-in.

> Ailsa receives a congratulations card from Walter Bertram on the birth of Duncan.

Extended Summary

Pippa will look after Duncan for a while to help out.

Dodge steals some money from the youth centre since he and Steven are short on money while they are in the city.

Alf visits Ailsa at Morag’s house. Alf say the christening of Duncan will be tomorrow. She says she isn’t up to it and won’t be able to handle it.

A friend of Stacey called Nina comes to Stacey’s place. She say hello to Andrew.

Dodge, Steven and Viv try to steal a car to get to Summer Bay. Dodge break into the door on the car and alarm goes on and the owner of the car chases them! They manage to run away from him.

They will take a bus instead. Dodge will sell Steven’s watch to get money for the bus. Steven has doubts about it but goes along with it anyway since they need to get home.

Alf phones Celia and tell her that Duncan’s christening is off.

Bobby comes over to Alf to see if she can help out with something. Alf get angry when she says that Tom told her about Ailsa’s bad depressions. Alf kicks her out of his house but when she is out he apologises to her and Bobby comes in and talks with Alf.

Nina is planning to do some business with Stacey but Stacey says she is not interested. Nina is very persevering about it.

Ailsa comes to Diner to work. Bobby and Ailsa argue about that Ailsa refuses to take care of Duncan.

Ailsa comes to Alf’s house. Alf is very surprised about it. Celia phones and Ailsa tell her that the christening of Duncan is back on. Alf get very happy that Ailsa have changed her mind about it. They hug. Duncan starts crying and Ailsa yell: “Can’t you shut him up!” Ailsa tell Alf she is sorry and runs out.

Carly works in Diner for a while.

Nina tell Stacey that she is planning to turn Lance and Martin into superstars! (Nina promoted Lance’s song “Santa never stops in Summer Bay” earlier). Stacey doesn’t think it is a good idea and won’t be a part of it.

Nina offers Carly to be her assistant. Carly is very excited about it.

Steven, Dodge and Viv are in Summer Bay. They hide Viv in a shed outside Tom and Pippa’s house. She says it is better than staying at home at least (Viv is on run from her nasty father).

Roo visits Alf. He is very surprised. Alf is an emotional mess at this point. He tells Roo that Ailsa is living at Morag’s house. He explains that Ailsa reckons that Morag is the only one that understand her. Alf feels everything is very hard.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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