Episode 340

Australian Air Date: 30th June 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Julian McSwiney

Tom rediscovers a lost skill and helps Dodge out of a sticky situation, while Ailsa’s unheeded cries for help lead to potential tragedy.

Extended Summary

Steven and Dodge are worried since Tom insist on going with them on their camping trip and this time it will actually be a camping trip!

Ailsa have calmed down a bit from her nervous breakdown and she is holding Duncan again. Celia and Alf are there as well.

Adam talks to Carly. She thanks him for standing up for her and Roo and Bobby when Revhead and his mates hassled Roo.

Tom is packing and getting organised for the camping trip. The tent pegs are still missing and he is looking for them. He thought that Steven would have bought new ones since they were noticed missing when Sally was supposed to sleep in tent out in garden a while ago.

Tom solves the problem by borrowing some tent pegs from Fisher.

Tom, Dodge and Steven go on camping trip.

Pippa talks to Ailsa if everything is OK with taking care of Duncan. Ailsa say that everything is fine.

Tom, Dodge and Steven are out camping and make up a fire.

Later on when they continue walking Dodge falls down from a cliff. Tom and Steven try to get him up and reaching a rope.

Tom goes down the cliff with help from the rope. Dodge heave hurt his ankle and foot. Steven drags Dodge up with the rope and then drags Tom up the same way.

Dodge thanks Tom for helping him. Dodge is very grateful.

Carly talks to Adam at his yacht down in the harbour. They get on well.

Duncan cry heaps and Ailsa freaks out. Ailsa cries and is nearly hysterical.

Ailsa gets even more hysterical and cry a lot and are in Duncan’s room. She shouts at Duncan to shut up.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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